5 Tips on Choosing the Right Chromatography for Your CBD Manufacturing

When it comes to chromatography, not all medias are created equally and differences in the properties and manufacturing can directly impact your operation’s bottom line. Below are some helpful tips when considering chromatography:

TIP #1 Make Sure Your THC Remediation Meets Regulation Compliance 
CBD oil manufacturing often requires THC remediation to avoid regulation under the Controlled Substances Act of 1979. Reverse-phase chromatography is a proven method to achieve these levels, taking advantage of the slight difference between the CBD and THC molecule to remove THC from the oil effectively.  

TIP #2 Choose the Correct Type of Porosity for Your Manufacturing 
High purity, high yield, isolate or individual cannabinoid isolation are all things to consider when choosing a product. Purolite’s Chromalite products offer three ranges of porosities that give you flexibility and options. 

TIP #3 Make sure your equipment can handle your chromatography operation
Some chromatography medias require higher pressures and multiple solvent concentrations to get an effective elution.  Keep in mind the role multiple solvent concentrations may have on your solvent recovery efforts, as well as the system requirements on higher pressure operation.  For simpler operation, Chromalite medias can often be used at a constant concentration and often exhibit much lower pressures during operation.     

TIP #4 Ensure that Your Solution Can Go the Distance 
If you’re exposing your columns to multiple elution profiles or complicated gradients to target different cannabinoid profiles, this can place unwanted stress on your chromatography medias and a more robust product is suggested.  The Chromalite products exhibit better chemical and physical stability than leading alternatives, leading to less frequent media replacement.

TIP #5 Test Before You Commit
Purolite offers pre-packed, 200 mL columns of our Chromalite products for CBD purification. These columns are ideal for rapid lab-scale testing and feasibility studies to make sure your treated end product meets your expectations. 

All of these factors lead to simpler operations and more cost-effective CBD oil production. Whether you’re making a change or starting fresh, our technical service team of engineers and chemists can help with a solution that can provide consistency to your products. 

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Test For Yourself
Pre-Packed 200 mL Columns  - Order today

  • Ideal for rapid lab-scale testing and feasibility studies

  • Construction Material  - Polypropylene

  • Media Volume - 200 mL

  • Maximum Operating Pressure - 1.3 MPa (200 psi)

  • Recommended Flow Rate - 60 mL/min (max 150 mL/min)