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To our valued customers...

I am writing to you to thank you for your support throughout 2020. What Purolite has achieved today is a result of your continued commitment us. Although we are a privately-owned family business, we do not report financials to the market like Public corporations, but we believe it is important to provide you with regular business updates. Our last update was at the end of June and I am excited to share with you an overview of our Agarose business for 2020.

Fast Growth

In June 2020, we passed our five-year milestone, having first entered the life science bioprocess field in 2015. Despite the challenges that 2020 brought to us all, on behalf of the owners Don and Steve we are delighted to share with you that 2020 has been a tremendous year for our business. Today our agarose range of chromatography resins are supporting over 240 screening projects and ongoing clinical trials globally used in the purification of monoclonal antibodies.

As Purolite is committed to our customers, our customers also confirmed their commitment to us, which was evident in March when Praesto Jetted A50, our market leading next-generation Protein A agarose resin reached commercial FDA approved manufacturing for the first time. This was another important milestone to have reached. To achieve the status of commercial manufacturing, within less than two years of commercially launching, was testimony to our technology leadership position. 

Our agarose Protein A portfolio continues to account for a large proportion of our revenue, sitting at 92%. Our revenue for 2020 compared to 2019 grew more than 970%. This impressive growth is a result of you, our customers in the bioprocessing industry who recognize our technology leadership in the field of Protein A resins. We thank you for choosing to partner with us. Our Protein A resins are registered and used in many commercially approved processes, and for the first time our resin technology has replaced existing established resins in previously filled commercial processes. This is further testament that our portfolio provides unmatched value compared to other providers.

Leading innovation through technology leadership

We continue to receive encouraging and positive feedback from customers regarding our 'jetting technology', which is now the resin of choice both in batch processes but also in modern continuous processing due to the unique performance properties. Our patented production process uses no solvents and is environmentally-friendly too. Our ability to precisely control beads with a narrow particle-size distribution eliminates fines which provides several performance gains:

1. Higher flow velocities, due to lower backpressure
2. More reliable and reproducible column packing
3. Prevention of column net clogging
4. Increased lifetime due to reduced fouling

Throughout 2021, we will continue to lead innovations in the field of chromatography which will see us launch an exciting new advanced bead technology that will provide even more productivity gains that we offer today. Our main focus on product innovation, allows to develop technology faster than anyone else in this field.

Our commitment to you

We continue to meet our commitments of supplying technology faster than anyone else, alongside fair pricing. This year we also announced we are transforming security of supply through the investment in a new facility in the USA is partnership with key customers. We firmly believe this is game changing and further demonstrates that we continue to lead the way in uninterrupted supply through our business continuity management. Purolite will be the only manufacturer to have dual manufacturing spread across two continents with the ability to supply 100% of the global market for bioprocess resins. We are proud to have answered our customer's requests to reduce their risk in the supply of resin technology through this investment.


In closing, we would like to thank once again our customers, who have committed to Purolite's technology and in return we commit to:

1. Holding our 2020 pricing into 2021 - no price increases for Purolite's agarose resins!
2. Producing up to 500L of Protein A in 30 days or less
3. A second manufacturing facility in the USA, to provide you with dual manufacturing in two continents