Don Brodie, Executive Vice President, Owner, Founder

As a chemist who has spent his career in the food and chemical industry, Don saw a need for more competition in the ion exchange resin and specialty polymer marketplace and built an international Company to fulfill it. In 1981, Don founded Purolite with his brother Steve. His broad knowledge of the market helped fuel its growth and longevity to what it is today.

In Don's role as founder, he has worked diligently to expand the breadth of polymer science products to include industrial water treatment, food and protein purification, specialty separations, catalysis and the life sciences. His dedication and guidance were instrumental in the construction of new Purolite manufacturing plants and he managed the sales within the Americas division before turning it over to Jacob Brodie.

Don was the architect of Purolite’s Healthcare & Life Sciences division. He developed the business and oversaw the construction of the new factory. Today, he manages the Healthcare & Life Science division’s operations.
Before starting Purolite, Don held various positions in both food and chemical companies and executive roles at Sybron Chemical to include production, sales and marketing.

Don received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from West Virginia University, and he resides in Boca Raton, Florida, with his wife. Don is a father to three and grandfather to five.

Don received an award from West Virginia University as a “Distinguished Alumni” and both Linda, his wife, and Don sits on many charitable boards.