Ligand Addition

With so many resin chemistries available to the industry from Purolite, there are always some chemistries that can be very selective to the target molecule needed by the customer. These special chemistries can be an affinity ligand such as a mix mode or a ligand that is highly selective towards value added products. Purolite offers some of our base resins preactivated with epoxy or primary amine resins to enable the proper ligand addition via covalent immobilization. This experience was based on many years of developing chemistries to immobilize enzymes on resins for reuse.

If you have a ligand with affinity towards valuable nutraceutical compounds or some precious metals including rare earth, Purolite can make it possible to scale up the process with our resin chemistries developed for that reason.

Resins can be offered with different particle sizes, porosities and ligand densities. With these 3 resin characteristics in addition to the resin base matrix (polymethacrylate or polystyrenic), customers can optimize the performance of their ligand addition by using the resin that give them the best capacity and multicycle use. Purolite can produce these resin base matrices in large scale and can also add the customer specific ligand as specified by the customer at our FDA inspected facility in Romania. 

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