water chemistry page features

Water Chemistry Page Features
This is an example of the demineralization calculator.

  • Default Chemistry - All of our calculator’s load with a default state rather than just zeros. Clicking the Default Chemistry button resets all values to the default state.

  • Autobalance - If the cations and anions are out of balance, clicking on Autobalance button will adjust either the sodium or chloride content to force a balance.

  • Reset - Reset will change all of the water chemistry values to zero. 

  • Global Equivalence Units - Set your water chemistry units to one type: meq/L, ppm or ppm as CaCO3. You can also change the units for each individual item.

  • ? - A question mark indicates that extra tool tips are available for that section.

The features/functionality can change from calculator to calculator. Please see Page Help to find more tips.

Demineralization plant design example

Plant Layout / Design Page Features
This is an example of the demineralization calculator.

  • Cation - Anion - The top box enables you to choose the configuration of cation and anion vessels in your plant design as well as whether or not to include a degassifier. Simply click on the design component. 

  • Solutions: Single or Compare Two: If you would like to compare the performance of two resins side by side, be sure to click “Compare Two.” This will give you the opportunity to compare a standard resin and performance resin and in terms of regenerant usage, water usage overall efficiency and operating cost. The calculator includes a calculated payback period for one resin vs another resin if you input cost information for the resins, the regenerant and the associated water used for dilution and rinsing.

System calculations features example

System Calculations Page Features

  • Metric Units or U.S. Units: Clicking either button will universally change the units. 
  • Load Defaults: The Load Defaults button will reset the values on the systems calculations page to the preexisting set of data. It will not however change the product selections or data on other pages like the Water Chemistry page. Once clicked, the results cannot be undone.

  • Autosize: You can choose to let the software Autosize the design if you choose the products, co-flow or counter-flow regeneration, the design factor (usually 0.9) and a minimum regenerant dose to give the desired hardness leakage. The Autosize button will try to optimize the design by changing the Regenerant Dose, Cycle Time, Resin Volume, and Diameter.
    After your design has been autosized, you can choose to vary one or more parameters manually – for example, Design Factor, Linear Velocity, or Bed Depth. Note that the design factor cannot be directly changed but can be changed by either changing the resin volume or the cycle time.

Alert notification functionality

Alert! Notifications

When a value falls outside a predetermined parameter or rule, an "Alerts" button lights up on top of the left nav. This tells you that something is wrong with your design. The Alerts button will be either Red or Yellow. Red is for a significant violation and yellow is for a violation that is close to being outside a range. A good design should never have any alerts still active when completed. 

In this example we changed the Ca value to 5.0 causing the water chemistry to be out of balance. The outline color of the cells in violation (Cations Total, Anions Sub-total and Anions Total) match the color of the alert. Clicking the alert button takes you to the first cell that is causing an issue and helper text is displayed to help you solve the problem. Sometimes, as in this case, the cell you are taken to cannot be modified directly. A value must be changed somewhere else. We have provided helper text wherever a violation occurs.

my projects page functionality

My Project Page

We have incorporated many features to help you manage your projects easily and efficiently.

  • Current - Default state for the My Projects page.

  • All - Folder holding all of your Current and Archived projects

If you click on the three little dots to the right of your project name, you will find more project management functions. 

  • Edit Project - Enables you to change the project Title and Customer name information. 

  • Delete - Permanently removes the calculator. This cannot be undone.

Project page functionality features

Project Page

As you know, creating a project allows you to create a calculator within that project. The image to the right shows our example project (ABC Refinery Water Systems 030820) and calculator (Demineralization System - Unit 1). Notice the three dots on the right hand side of the calculator name. Click on them to see these functions:

  • Edit Calculator – This gives you the ability to change the name of the calculator. 

  • Duplicate – This creates a copy of a calculator and adds a positive integer to the end of the calculator name. Duplicating a calculator comes in handy if you want to change some variables without affecting the original design. You can create as many as you like.

  • Delete – Deleting a calculator cannot be undone so be careful when using this functionality.