Using adsorbent resins for purification, separation, concentration and recovery in food and pharmaceutical applications

Tuesday July 2, 2019
Time: 3 pm – 4:00 pm, Paris Time (GMT+2) / 9:00 am – 10:00 am (EDT)
Participation fee: Free of charge
Seminar language: English


In this hour-long event, Purolite experts in adsorption technologies presenting a Webinar on using Macronet™ and Purosorb™ adsorbent resins in food, beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. The target is to introduce adsorption as alternative technology for purification, concentration, extraction, recovery, decolorization and separation of valuable molecules such as antibiotics, organic solutions, polyphenols and anthocyanins—as well as trace antibiotics, pesticides, color bodies, unpleasant flavors and odors from liquid solutios, or VOCs from airstreams.

The presentation and ensuing discussion present an excellent opportunity for lab managers, process and development engineers, and senior scientists from downstream processing, process optimization, scale-up and production to learn about using adsorbent resins as a primary or alternative technology and cost-effective solution in the production process.

Focus Topics

  1. Definition of an adsorbent resin (Generality, comparison to other technologies, history, working principle, mechanism)
  2. The Purolite Adsorbents portofolio (description, characteristics, specifications, etc.)
  3. Applications (general principle, examples)
  4. How to select an adsorbent for recovery, purification
  5. Operational conditions, regeneration/elution conditions, selection of type of eluant, gradient elution
  6. How to scale up from lab to industrial

International experts from across Purolite, including Fred Ghanem of Purolite Life Sciences (USA) will discuss relevant application topics, case studies and insights to the adsorbent technologies. Attendees will gain a general understanding of how adsorbent technologies can apply to their processes. Other contributors to this adsorbents program include Bertrantd Gallet (Belgium / France), Jan Nissen (Nordic Countries), Joan Barios (Portugal / Spain), Rodrigo Salvatierra (Belgium / France / Portugal / Spain).

Key industries: beverages, food, functional foods, juices, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals


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Questions on the seminar can be addressed in English, French or Spanish to Mr. Rodrigo Salvatierra at