Purolite's Jord Yniquez Speaks About PFAS Removal Using ion exchange resins at the 2019 WQA Convention

The Water Quality Association's Annual Convention and Exposition opened up on April 23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a series of educational sessions. The theme this year was "Solutions," and attendees were eager to learn about solutions to a numbers of issues facing water quality today. 

First and foremost, PFAS was a highlighted topic at the convention, and the opening day featured a number of sessions on PFAS including, "Underreporting of PFAS Occurrence," "PFAS Overview and Removal Approaches," "How Can Dealers Address Consumer Anxiety About Emerging Contaminants," and "PFAS and PFAS Selective Ion Exchange Resins," which was presented by Purolite's Jord Yniguez, Applications Specialist.

At the 10:00 a.m. session on April 23, Jord stood at the podium in front of a room filled with water treatment professionals eager to learn more about the best options in treating water for PFAS. Jord's presentation was succinct, and presented highlights of data for removing short- and long-chain compounds from water using single-use ion exchange resins in the treatment systems. The presentation also highlighted the benefits of using resins over carbon in treatment systems, system design (lead/lag), as well as a cost comparison between the two technologies, which showed that Ion Exchange resins have several benefits, including:

  • Shorter contact time
  • Longer in-service time; Far longer breakthrough from non detect levels
  • More complete removal of compounds
  • Smaller vessel size
  • Fewer change-outs
The audience asked many questions about PFAS selective resin, which Jord addressed professionally and thoroughly.

Attendees received continuing education credits for attending the session.

The annual convention represents every segment of the water treatment and supply marketplace and brings together essential personnel, new ideas and innovative technologies in a forum where everyone can make new contacts and gain industry knowledge. 

The exposition was open on April 24th and 25th, with Purolite's Allan Grey, Andrea Bartus, Cathy Swanson, Frank Burinsky, Gabe Austin, Jord Yniguez, Nick Backman and Oliver Bauman in attendance to provide customer's with information on PFAS removal, as well as a host of other issues with water including hardness and contamination from arsenic, boron, disinfection byproducts, heavy metals, nitrate, perchlorate, sulfate, Tannin, TOCs, uranium and more. 

Purolite's technical sales team is the largest and most knowledgeable in the industry. If you have questions about your water quality or treatment systems, contact us to go over system optimization, treatment issues and new new solutions.