Energy Generation Conference

The 40th annual Energy Generation Conference was held this past week on January 29-31, 2019 in Bismarck, North Dakota. Hundreds of professionals from the power industry made their way to the cold and frozen Great North. They braced for the cold temperatures as most of the country experienced the coldest temperatures in decades. Despite, the well below freezing temperatures the turnout was great as anticipated.

Experts in the energy industry gathered to promote equipment, safer, and increasingly efficient alternatives. Purolite's own Frank Burinsky and Michaela Connolly were in attendance. Discussions on what is to come, and the future of the energy industry were topics of discussion as well as PFAS and the growing concern of emerging contaminants.

To warm up the spirit, attendees were able to try out four different electric vehicles. One of the vehicles available to grab a seat in was a brand-new 2019 Tesla X among two Chevy Bolt’s, and a Nissan Leaf. Overall, the show brought to discussion new topics and ideas. It is exciting to see this ever-evolving industry.