The Water Quality Association comes to Denver

Purolite representatives from Canada as well as the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States spent a few days in Denver to support the Water Quality Association (WQA) at their annual meeting. The WQA has been holding this event for its members for more than many decades and Purolite has been a part of the exhibition floor for several years. Visitors from across the globe were in attendence to learn about the latest news and technology in the water treatment industry. 

The main meeting, which all are invited to attend, took place on Tuesday, March 27. Attendees witnessed a transfer of presidency, approvals for new members, and a round table event with CEO of the American Water Works Association. During her speech, Pauli Undesser, Executive Director of the WQA, made a clear point that PFCs will be a big topic during the next decade and that they are working closely with the U.S. Environmental Protectoin Agency to address the issue. The meeting ended with a keynote address from comedian and motivational speaker, Ross Shafer. His presntation provided insight into improving business techniques by attending meetings outside of your industry for innovative ideas as well as improving customer relations by asking questions of your clients to find out what they're really thinking. 

The WQA held a welcome reception for all attendees and exhibitors at Wynkoop Brewery on Tuesday night. A live band with three guitars and a fiddle provided entertainment for the evening. Several pool tables, foosball tables, and shuffle boards were available to play at no charge. A few of the Purolite team played pool against each other and against other WQA attendees. In all, it was a fun reception and a great way to interact with others off of the exhibit hall floor. 

Purolite is looking forward to attending the WQA Annual Convention in 2019 in Las Vegas!

Frank and Jeffrey explaining Purolite products at WQA in Denver Speaking with attendees at the Puroltie WQA booth desk
Two WQA attendees looking at Purolite booth in Denver Purolite booth at WQA in Denver 2018
Nick and Mike talking with WQA attendee WQA booth
Live band performing during welcome reception Purolite playing pool at the WQA welcome reception
Ross Shafer gives keynote speech at WQA 2018 in Denver Round table discussion during WQA opening session