Watec conference in israel outddor flag display

WATEC Israel 2017 highlights Purolite solutions to global water contamination issues

Purolite’s Nir Benzion and Matteo Garegnani joined 100 other international exhibitors to take part in the Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference, known as WATEC Israel 2017. Held at the Tel Aviv Convention Center from September 12 – 14, the event hosted water professionals from 26 countries, and enabled them to share information regarding the current and future trends taking place in the industry. Topics covered by the official conference program included wastewater treatment, innovations and solutions in water supply, sewage, energy efficiency and new sectors.
The theme for this year was WATEC V.I.P.: Vision, Innovation and Practice, and was meant to promote new ways of looking at water as a resource. Of particular interest are the environmental / social impacts for limited availability of clean and safe water, as well as the ability for the industry to adapt and close the gap.

The venue presents an excellent opportunity to arrange meetings with global partners to discuss Purolite’s water treatment solutions.

Booth traffic was strong with attendees wanting to learn more about Purolite and what ion exchange technology can accomplish for their specific needs. Nir noted, “As we spoke to customers, I was struck by the diversity of water safety issues across the different countries, and proud that Purolite has a solution for each one.” Matteo added, “Purolite’s international presence in more than 40 countries was a significant benefit for this venue as no matter where the guest was from, we could offer help.”
Special water applications were of particular interest, including solutions for mercury with Puromet™ MTS9240, Boron removal with Purolite® S108, Purolite® FerrIX™ for arsenic, and Purolite® S930EPlus for heavy metals removal. Information on high-efficiency Shallow Shell™ Technology resins for softening applications were also well received.
Purolite had a custom designed booth at the event that showcased us as an ion exchange and specialty resin manufacturer focused on keeping water systems clean, safe and in compliance. Our messaging included solutions for potable and ground water treatment, industrial influent and effluent, boiler water, and waste water.
Israel was chosen for the event as it is one of the first countries to successfully overcome a limitation in water resources. Over 8,000 people attended the conference.