Purolite Customized training for ion exchange products, services and systems

May 3, 2017 was an excellent day for Purolite and 40 water treatment professionals from Tunisia in North Africa. To celebrate the inauguration of the local Purolite office in Tunis, Purolite Technical Sales Engineer Kacem Triki, with Purolite Vice President, Edgar Berreby and Fayçal Finnouche, Sales Manager for Algeria, hosted a technical training session on ion-exchange resins, reverse osmosis, and systems that combine both technologies. The session was called Cartagua3, which means water in Cartago, the former capital of Tunisia.
The Purolite team lead a discussion about water resource and treatment issues in the region, including the scarcity of water resources, the diversity of water infrastructure and the need to supply drinking water to urban and rural populations—while adequately providing water and treatment solutions for the industrial and agricultural industries. There was a large focus on the re-use of treated wastewater in the textile and surface finishing industries as well as water source, groundwater and other natural and non-conventional resource protection. The treatment of water in Tunisia largely involves softening, desalination, demineralization and reduction of industrial effluents (largely phosphate) and agricultural nitrogen. 
Attendees learned about treatment technologies supported by Purolite—including SST® Shallow Shell™ Technology resins—as well as products geared toward specific contamination and water quality concerns.

Purolite's new office in Algeria is planning to host another training session in the area at the end of October. 

Contact your nearest Purolite Technical Sales Representative to inquire about local training sessions, or to organize a private session for your company.

2017 IEX Training