Purolite training for ion exchange technology

Keeping employees on the cutting edge of new resin technology

There is a reason why Purolite's sales and technical employees are so knowledgeable. Not only do we have the best minds in the industry, we also provide comprehensive and ongoing training so that our team stays current on the latest in Purolite's ion exchange technologies.

Purolite's Applications team periodically hosts training sessions at the headquarters in King of Prussia, PA. In the sessions, attendees discuss the latest technologies developed at the Centre of Excellence in Wales, UK, as well as new applications for existing resins discovered in the field and within our global applications labs. New and veteran employees from global technical sales, applications, chemistry lab and marketing teams are invited to engage in the discussions.

This week, Francis Boodoo and Jonathan Campos from Purolite's applications group lead a session for Bruno Almeida from Brazil technical sales and Jord Yniguez from our Philadelphia applications testing lab.

Even after hours of discussion, smiles are as unlimited as the uses of ion exchange resin technologies.