SynGas Association - Success Through Synergy

2018 SynGas Conference in Tulsa, OK

Organized and hosted by the Syngas Association, the annual SynGas conference took place from April 16-18 at the Marriot Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK. The conference gathered over 500 industry professionals to discuss water treatment systems, safety management, regulatory compliance, maintenance, and operational best practices related to the SynGas industry.

With the conference theme “Success Through Synergy”, SynGas brings together leaders, producers, and suppliers from the ammonia, hydrogen, ammonium nitrate, and methanol producing industries to share knowledge, exchange innovation, network and provide comprehensive training opportunities.

Keynote speakers at this years’ event included NBA All-Star and team building expert, Mark Eaton, and Navy SEAL veteran, Brent Gleeson. Both speakers stressed the importance of teamwork, motivational leadership, and building a positive team culture.    

Purolite is a proud supporter of the SynGas Association. Our ion exchange resin technology is used in demineralization processes for water treatment operations, helping plants run efficiently.  Purolite is looking forward to next years’ SynGas conference in Houston, TX. 

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