Purolite resins

Purolite Showcases Advanced Ion Exchange Technology For Hydrometallurgy at SME 2018

Memebers of the Purolite Marketing and Sales teams flew to Minneapolis to meet with some of the finest minds in mining, metallurgy, and exploration. The SME conference is held every year to discuss advances and best practices in the mineral industry. With over 15,000 members, the group is made up of geologists, engineers, metallurgists, students, and educators. 

Over the course of four days, students and researchers interested in learning how ion exchange resins can be used in hydrometallurgy met with Purolite employees at Booth 2526. Hydrometallurgy is the process of extracting metals from ores by dissolving the ore into an aqueous phase to recover the metals it contains. Purolite's line of Puromet and Purogold resins are designed for the recovery and/or removal of metals such as gold, copper, mercury, iron, and many more. Each resin is specially made depending on the target metal, pH and temperature of the solution to be used, presence of competing ions, and more. 

The conference itself hosted several techinal sessions each day ranging from coal and energy, the environment, and even one on ion exchange. Purolite employee's also had the chance for a little fun while they worked. Over at the CAT booth visitors were given the opportunity to drive a D11 Bulldozer from the comfort of the convention hall. Using new technology, the driver can operate the large bulldozer remotely, keeping them safe from both equipment and the elements. 

Purolite is looking forward to next years show in Denver, Colorado.