Take Command of Short- and Long-Chain PFAS in Drinking Water

Purolite's Purofine® PFA694E resin achieves better, more complete removal of short- and long- chain PFAS than bituminous GAC, and commercial treatment data from municipal wells proves it.

Purofine PFA964E acts as both an ion exchange resin and an adsorbent resin with exceptionally high kinetics and selectivity for removing PFAS. This means faster, more thorough removal of PFAS to non-detectable levels when compared with coconut shell and bituminous granular activated carbon (GAC) media. And once the contamination is removed—it stays removed—and doesn’t leak back into the system.

Plus, resin treatment systems are better for tax payers and the environment as long-term operating costs and up-front capital expenses are lower and there is much less media to incinerate.

Operating capacity of the resin is generally much higher than for GAC, so less frequent media change-outs are needed—saving operator time and budget dollars. Plus, the faster acting Purofine PFA694E resin requires vessels that are about half the size of GAC vessels, necessitating less media, a much smaller footprint and less overhead space than GAC systems. Additionally, the volume of wastewater is dramatically reduced as Purofine PFA694E is only backwashed once at startup—there is no need for large backwash pumps and water storage tanks like there is with GAC systems.

Integrating a resin is not difficult as existing GAC systems can be retrofitted to work with Purofine PFA694E, either alone or as a GAC polisher. Each system and water chemistry is unique, and Purolite will develop the most effective system that makes the most economic sense for your municipality.

Keeping a tight rein on short-and long-chain PFAS (including PFOS, PFOA, PFHxS, PFHpA, PFHxA and PFBS) demonstrates your commitment to removing PFAS from municipal systems and keeping residents safe and healthy. If you wish to evaluate resin for a new PFAS removal system, or are considering retrofitting an existing carbon system to include resin, Purolite can readily provide capacity and ROI cost estimates.

Contact your local Purolite technical sales representative to learn more. 

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