Purolite's Summer Picnic, 2019!

July 27th, 2019 – Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA – This Saturday, Purolite hosted the 12th Annual Summer Picnic for employees from the Philadelphia production plant and Bala Cynwyd headquarters. Employees were invited to bring their families for a day of games, food and fun. The warm, sunny Saturday was the perfect time for the event, which didn’t end until 7 pm.

“The Purolite Annual Summer Picnic is a gesture of thanks to all of our hardworking employees and their supportive families. Each year, Purolite employees put in a lot of hard work, and their families are very supportive of the company, so we include everyone in the celebration. I hope that everyone will continue to join in what has become a fantastic annual tradition,” shares Jacob Brodie, Vice President of North America.

This year’s venue was Mermaid Lake in Blue Bell, PA. Although the venue may change from year to year, Mermaid lake is certainly Purolite’s favored spot for this long-awaited event. With a whopping million-gallon pool, 9-hole golf course, many pavilions, music, games, and activities, there is a lot to do to stay busy and have fun!

Throughout the day, employees and their families enjoyed basketball courts, ping pong tables, and corn hole games. The pool and splash pad were frequented all day, with families taking turn diving in, cannonballing, and swimming around. “It was such a beautiful day out, the food was amazing – chicken, BBQ – and I had a great time in the pool with my family,” expresses Lorenzo Martinez, Shipping and Handling at Purolite’s G-Street Plant. Employee’s children took turns riding Mermaid Lake’s pony around the big field, and making gimp, bracelets, and other small crafts. “This year’s picnic was a blast,” comments Jason Jay, Financial Analyst, “My family had a ton of fun! Thank you everyone who helped arrange this!”

Purolite also hosted a company-wide tug-of-war match, a competitive game where teams on each side pull a rope trying to make their opposing team cross the line in the center. Employee’s laughed, pulled, and cheered their teammates on. Midday, DJ Nickybutters opened up the dance floor for a hula-hooping contest, where employees and their families all tried to dance along to the music and keep their hula-hoops spinning for as long as they could. “I always like the summer picnic,” notes Manny Martinez, Shipping and Handling at Purolite’s G-Street plant, “and I always have a great time.”

“I have come to this event nearly every year I’ve been with Purolite, and it is by far my favorite,” Linda East, Accounts Payable shares, then continues, “The pool is so nice in the warm weather, and the food is amazing. I love having the opportunity to spend a Saturday meeting and playing games with my co-workers and their families. Plus, Blue Bell Catering is delicious.”

The picnic featured a barbeque lunch catered by Mermaid Lake’s exclusive catering company, Blue Bell. Employees and their guests enjoyed barbequed chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad, watermelon, and tons of sides and extras from Blue Bell’s popular Chicken Barbeque menu.

“The company picnic is a great opportunity for employees to get to know who they work with. All day, employees from all different departments and locations get the chance to mingle with and meet each other. In today’s work environment, we often end up spending more time at work than at home, and it’s important to build friendships with the people we work with, and meet employees from other locations that we may end up working with in the future. I hope that everyone and their families enjoyed the event and had tons of fun,” expresses Anna Luna, Human Resource Generalist.

As the event included swimming and fun in the warm weather, specially designed water bottles and towels were given out for employees and their families to hydrate and dry off throughout the day. A green-screen photo booth snapped shots of groups in front of every background imaginable, and printed them into frames for everyone to take home and keep as a memoir of the fun event.

“The summer picnic was a great time, as usual. My guests and family had a great time this year,” shares Mark Owens, Quality Control Manager.

This year’s summer picnic was quite a splash!

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun. Special thanks to Doree Jacobs, Receptionist, and Anna Luna, Human Resource Generalist, who worked hard to make the arrangements and plan all of the details.

We look forward to seeing everyone together next year!