Purolite's Production plant in Philadelphia, PA celebrates the upcoming holidays with a potluck!

November 22, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – This Friday, Employees from Purolite’s production plant in Philadelphia, PA all prepared their favorite Thanksgiving dishes to share with the production team at the Thanksgiving Potluck. Alexis Sherman and Anna Luna, the Human Resource Team at the plant, decided a potluck would be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of the team.

By 10 AM, the aroma of tasty autumn-themed dishes wafted throughout the top floor of the plant. Employee’s mouths watered as they excitedly thought about lunchtime and all of the different holiday foods they would get to enjoy.

When the clock finally hit 12:30, employees headed to the large conference room for a family-style meal, complete with dishes and desserts prepared by co-workers. Anna Luna, Human Resource Generalist, brought Spanish rice and buffalo dip, which employees quickly dug into. Steve Moylan, Technical Services Manager’s turkey breast, which he prepared the day before, was a hit with employees, who loved the smoked flavor. Josh Antonacci’s (Ion Exchange Chemist) mashed totters, Mark Owen’s (Quality Control Manager) cornbread, Dan Valentine’s (Quality Control Technician) macaroni salad, and Scott Haldeman’s (Ion Exchange Chemist) quinoa dish made delicious accompaniments to the meal. John Wisniewski’s (Uploader) cucumber salad, Sean Seeger’s (Human Resources Assistant) mac & cheese, Ernie Detwiler’s (Warehouse and Materials Manager) chicken with stew tomato, and Joe D’Allesandro’s (Quality Control Director) beef stew were tasty, unconventional additions to the meal.

The team took turns dishing up and sampling each other’s meals. As they sat around the table enjoying their plates full of food, employees discussed their upcoming holiday plans.

“What a great idea to have a potluck where we can sit and enjoy a meal with our co-workers and catch up! I had a great time participating this year,” shared Dan Valentine.

For dessert, Shaindel Brodie (Quality Control Technician), Nomble Lee (Applications Engineer), and Alexis Sherman (Human Resources Manager), contributed an assortment of seasonal pies, muffins, cookies, and even a cookie cake to the table.

“Cookie cake is dangerous…..so delicious,” joked Alexis.

Overall, the potluck was a big success, and all employees appreciated the opportunity to share a meal with all of their co-workers, and catch up on life.

“What a great way to celebrate the upcoming holidays,” added Warner Jarnagin, Plant Director. Thank you to the Human Resources Team for making the preparations for this event. Also, a special thank you is extended to everyone who contributed a dish to our potluck! Purolite wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving!