Thanksgiving 4

Purolite Headquarters Thanksgiving Potluck

Friday, November 16, 2018—Bala Cynwyd, PA, USA—After the previous night’s snow was shoveled and roads plowed, Purolite headquarters employees hopped into their cars with their pots, pans, and coolers for the annual Thanksgiving Potluck lunch. As more and more employees arrived, the conference room slowly started to fill up with delicious fall treats.

At 10:45 AM, Andrea Bartus’ chicken pot pie warmed in the oven as she and Gayle Reese carefully unwrapped Gayle’s cornbread and the array of different foods. The table was completely covered with delicious fall treats. Doree Jacobs brought in the carved turkey, the staple of the American Thanksgiving dinner. It paired deliciously with Jason Hsu’s Puro-famous crockpot stuffing, and gravy.

Michaela Connolly commented on making the food, “Snow made it hard to bring in my bean dip. I had to go back out into the storm for some refried beans!” Everyone agreed her dip was worth the extra trip.

Linda East’s colorful vegetable tray, Cathy Schneider’s creamy mashed potato bake, Zina Reye’s American-style deviled eggs, Linda Heiser’s broccoli salad, Tom Gigliotti’s sliced rotisserie chickens, Victoria Ortiz’s savory pulled pork, and Ronnie Timko’s fluffy rolls stood waiting for the event to begin.

The original intention was to start around 11 a.m., but the meal began before pictures were even taken, as Zina served herself some chicken pot pie and explained, “I could smell all the delicious food, and couldn’t wait to come try some.”

The sweet array of deserts included Rebecca Keyser’s cheesecake dip, complete with red maraschino cherries, Bob Bausch’s ever-popular carrot cake, and Victoria’s pastry tray. Soda and drinks accompanied the meal and were provided by Shaindel Brodie. The drinks and deserts were placed on a side table.

“The carrot cake is my favorite,” warns Carolyn Soccio, “you’re all going to have to get past me to get some.” Luckily, it was an empty warning and we all got to enjoy the delicious cakes and deserts.

Everyone filled up on the savory meal and delicious deserts, and some even went back for seconds! “We are going to make a thankful wall,” Doree instructed, “fill these cards out and tape them up on the wall.” As everyone began filling up their plates with the tasty food, Doree Jacobs went around handing out thankful cards. Everyone loved this idea and helped to hang personal sentiments of what they are thankful for this year on the wall.

As the Bala Purolite employees ate their meal and chatted, they were truly thankful for the generosity of the Purolite team for making the delicious food and making the day fun. Big home cooked meals with turkey, stuffing, and other delicious fall foods are a staple to the American holiday of Thanksgiving. Many employee’s will take this holiday to spend time with family and friends.

Purolite would like to thank everyone for cooking and celebrating together. Happy Holidays from Purolite.