Purolite's wish to you for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, From Purolite.

Thanksgiving Potluck for Purolite USA features much food and camaraderie

Starting early morning on Monday, November 20th, 2017, Purolite employees from the company's USA headquarters office could be seen carrying baskets, bags and boxes into the office— filled with individual contributions to this year's potluck holiday luncheon. As more and more people occupied the offices and desks, smells of the autumn season permeated around the halls.

Julie Doboszczak flashed a bright smile as she revealed her cookies. "Sugar cookies mostly, but a few chocolate chip thrown in for good measure!" Lynn Heiser noted, "I started baking at 5:00 last night. But that cake didn't turn out just as I wanted... so I started over at 10. This one is chocolate!"

Near 11:00 a.m., Dominique Town of Human Resources started decorating the board room, and played host to the event. With an autumn-themed tablecloth and a beautiful, bright centerpiece of assorted fall foliage and berries, the mood was set.

People milled around now and again making sure that their contributions were included and set out just so. Doree Jacobs's tuna casserole was packed to protect and keep warm in layers of insulated blankets in a sturdy Amazon box. Andrea Bartus's chicken pot pies came in a big square bag…and a toaster oven. Ever-popular last year, Jason Hsu made his now-famous stuffing again for this year's feast in a Crock Pot® he bought especially for this occasion. "No more slow cooker borrowing for me!" he professed with pride.

Cathy Schneider's Cheesy mashed potato bake, Victoria Ortiz's Mexican tortilla dip, Maggie Nglau's homemade Chinese lo mein fried noodles, Linda Bailey's Italian fried Chicken, Zina Reyes's American deviled eggs, Francis Boodoo's Trinidad-style Potato Salad, Linda East's beautiful sesame seed leaf salad and Ronnie Timko's traditional cole slaw covered the table.

The meal began as Dominique gave a toast, eloquently expressing, "May your stuffing be tasty! may your turkey be plump. May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump! May your yams be delicious, and your pies take the prize. And may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs!"

Once the laughter subsided, everyone dug into their favorite dishes. "I've been eying the lo mein since this morning," noted Dave Feder. "My favorite is the stuffing," laughed Carolyn.

Containers of soda and cases of iced tea accompanied the meal provided by Gloria Sillah and Jason Jay. Victoria also made an extra special treat—Coquito Puertorriqueño, a traditional holiday drink from Puerto Rico that is a sweet, rich and smooth coconut/cinnamon flavored delight.

And then there was the dessert table. From Gayle Reese's amazing fruit-topped bread pudding, Bob Rausch's carrot cake and Lynn's chocolate cake…to Carolyn Soccio's pumpkin pie and Julie's cookies, there was something to deliciously satisfy everyone's sweet tooth.

In the American tradition of Thanksgiving holiday, food is central to the celebration. The holiday is a kickoff of the winter holiday season, and one of the most travelled times of the year—with family and friends going great distances to be together for the day—or the entire weekend.

We thank all of our colleague friends to making today's office celebration one to be thankful for. Let it be known—we have some really good cooks and bakers at Purolite.