Purolite expertise contributes to technical sessions for SAGD and Produced Water at IWC in San Antonio

At IWC in San Antonio this week, Purolite employees were very busy contributing their expertise and leading discussions within the Produced Water Conditioning for Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems section. Don Downey, Canadian Sales Manager, was a discussion leader, while Chris Graham, Technical Specialist, was a session discusser. 

The IWC is a leading technical information and training conference serving the industrial water and wastewater industry which covers many industrial sectors such as power generation, groundwater, industrial utilities, oil & gas, and many more.

During the conference, papers containing case studies, laboratory tests, applications information, industrial history and many other topics are voluntarily submitted by industry experts. Each paper is then thoroughly reviewed by another industry expert. Commentary is provided to the author in advance of the show in order to guide the conference discussion, where the author will be able to offer rebuttal and/or refute the discussor's comments. After each formal presentation, the audience is also able to ask questions of the author. 

Sometimes the topics are controversial, sometimes they are merely informative, but the IWC sessions never fail to present scientists and engineers with new ways of thinking and an added appreciation for their industrial and water treatment cohort.