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The First Ever Latin American Sales Meeting

June 26th, 2019 – Park City, Utah – Purolite is proud to announce that our team in Latin America, which includes the Brazil and Mexico offices, held their first annual region-specific sales meeting where all team members were given the oppurtunity to come together one place to discuss applications, industries, and geographical sales.

The Meeting began June 26th in Park City, Utah, directly following the mid-year meeting for the Americas. The Latin American Regional Team attended both meetings, in an effort to help encourage communication and interaction between the different offices. “We wanted to take advantage of the U.S. sales meeting as a time to introduce our newer employees to the team in the U.S. The information exchange in LATAM sales meeting was fantastic, I was astonished at how many special applications and techniques, as well as tips and helpful advice were exchanged between the regions. I do believe that this will contribute to our continuous growth in the region,” shared Fabio Sousa, Managing Director of Latin American Operations.

The meeting began with a welcoming presentation from Fabio, discussing general strategy, targets, and the accomplishments of the region in the first half of the year. He was followed by Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director, who presented about future marketing goals in the region, and the strategies to reach them. He shared about how the U.S. team is supportive of Latin Americas marketing efforts, and will continue to follow up and assist in sharing about the successes and innovations of the Latin American team.

“The Latin American Team has had such a successful year, we have to share this with our customers and followers. It is important for us to promote the services we provide, and our hardworking employees. I am happy to have had the chance to be a part of the LATAM sales meeting this year, and look forward to working with all of you in the future,” Jeffrey mentioned.

Some of the other presenters from the Latin American team were Nemias Florencio, Territorial Manager for Mexico, who gave an update on the current state of the region…prosperous. Allison Neves, Sales Supervisor of the Brazil office, stood up next to represent the Brazilian team. Bruno Almeida, Product Application Supervisor, finished the day with a presentation on new applications, introducing the application team, analyzing results, sharing new targets and strategies, and presenting new case studies to further educate the salespeople on new available applications.

On Thursday Morning, day two of the conference, Jacob Brodie opened with a presentation of the Impact of the Latin American Region on the company of Purolite globally. He also thanked the Latin American offices for being able to communicate with and provide assistance to other global offices.

“I was pleased and proud to be a part of the first Latin America sales meeting. The Latin America team, led by Fabio, is an important part of Purolite’s global success. This meeting focused on regional issues and allowed the individuals responsible for all countries within Latin America to discuss strategies and opportunities to grow and support one another. We have a great team and I am sure this meeting will contribute to their ongoing success,” Jacob shared.

Fabio Sousa then presented on the customer prospective of the region. This year, Latin America was very successful in the food and beverage industry, providing application solutions to many products such as milk, sugar, collagen and water, among others. He highlighted the Mexico team’s success in the power generation industry, and Brazil’s  pulp and paper manufacturers, congratulating both offices on a job well done. Afterwards, territory presentations were given by salespeople, reporting on successes in their territories.

The meeting ended with a discussion where team members of the team took this time to share suggestions and ideas in an open forum. After the formal meetings, the team enjoyed some special activities such as a tour of High West Saloon’s distillery. They also enjoyed Adolph’s Restaurant, in which is also located in Park City.

With new industries and applications being explored every day, the Mexico and Brazil offices are helping customers find innovative solutions to their process needs. We definitely look forward to seeing what the Latin American Team accomplishes in the future. Thank you to all of the hardworking employees who have made this ideal year a reality for their region. Congratulations to the Latin American Team on a successful meeting!