Purolite Celebrates Heart Health Month

On February 14th Purolite's office team made a heart-healthy choice by wearing red to increase awareness of heart disease. 

As heart disease affects both men and women, all employees are encouraged to make smart food choices such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. Purolite provides employees at the Corporate Office a large assortment of fresh fruit and nuts each and every day to promote healthier lifestyles.

But it doesn't end there. Purolite's pharmaceutical APIs help patients lower their blood cholesterol levels and lead healthier, longer lives.

For example, Purolite® A430MR Cholestyramine, is a strong base type I anion resin powder with a polystryene matrix and quaternary ammonium functional groups. This chemistry is an active drug for treating people who can not effectivly break down fats and other lipids, leading to high cholesterol. Learn more about Purolite's pharmaceutical APIs and excipients.

Because hearts deserve love every day.

Happy Heart Health Month! ❤