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Purolite Employees are treated to lunch at Chili's Restaurant

April 24, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA – The final Wednesday of every April marks the celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, a day to appreciate administrative staff and other professionals. National Administrative Professionals Day is usually observed with gifts, flowers, candy, and other tokens of appreciation for employees, to acknowledge small day-to-day efforts that keep the business running. In the spirit of Administrative Professionals Day, Purolite’s G-street and Bala Cynwyd employees were treated by Jack Dolan, Purchasing Director, to a delicious lunch at Chili’s Restaurant on City Line Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, PA.

At 12:30 from the Bala HQ, Zina Reyes (Senior buyer), Jason Hsu (Financial Data Analyst), Victoria Ortiz (Staff Accountant), Alicia Topp (Accounts Payable Clerk), Dario Vracevic (Financial Analyst Co-op), Linda East (Accounts Payable), Carolynn Soccio (Administrative Assistant), Michael Rivera (Junior IT Technician), Linda Heiser (Sales Support Specialist), Rebecca Keyser (Sales Support Specialist), Jason Pryor (Sales Support Specialist), Shaindel Brodie (Marketing Assistant), and Jack Dolan (Director of Corporate Purchasing) all headed to the restaurant for lunch and were met with Anna Luna (Human Resource Assistant) and Mable Reyes (Sample Technician) from the G Street Plant. As the carpools of attendees parked and entered the Southwestern-themed restaurant, we were ushered to a long table by the window.

Once the whole group was there, Jack Dolan thanked everyone for coming, and gave each team member an AmEx gift card as Purolite’s appreciation for their contributions. “It is amazing to see what can be accomplished when the team works together. It’s clear that Purolite employees put in 110% every day. Great job everyone,” Jack Dolan congratulated to the group.

Despite Chili’s large and complex menu, the group ordered quickly thanks to Zina Reyes’, senior buyer, extensive knowledge of chili’s best dishes. The Tex-Mex restaurant did not disappoint! Soon, plates of colorful tacos, huge steaks, crunchy salads, sweet corn, and crispy chicken covered the table. Mable ordered loaded wings for the table which everyone enjoyed, and all mouths watered as the server placed a sizzling plate of fajitas in front of Tom. “All the food looked so delicious. I got shrimp tacos which were amazing! What a nice event,” Linda Heiser commented on the meal.

“It was really cool to get to have lunch and interact with all of the people that I work with. We have a really good, cohesive team that I am happy to be a part of. The luncheon was a great experience, and I look forward future events,” Jason Pryor, sales support specialist, shared about his experience at the luncheon. Throughout the meal, the table was buzzing with conversation, laughter, and of course, funny office stories.

“I never miss a year of the administrative professional’s lunch; it is heartwarming to feel recognized for what I do…. plus, the food is great,” Linda East spoke about her participation in the event.

Once the lunch had finished, the team left Chili’s and headed back to work feeling appreciated (and full!). Thank you to Anna Luna and Human Resources, who organized the event, and Jack Dolan, who hosted. Most importantly though, thank you to all of the administrative professionals who show up every day motivated and prepared. Your hard work is recognized and valued!