Purolite celebrates the end of 2018 on the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise

On December 28, 2018, G-street employees headed over to the Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise to celebrate the upcoming New Years. The boat itself was stunning from the outside, standing tall over the water and Christmas lights running along the sails. Inside, purple light and jewel toned balloons complimented a delicious buffet with American style cuisine, an open bar, and, of course, a dance floor. All night, smiling faces were seen enjoying dinner, conversing, and dancing together. The cruise’s route exposed beautiful city skylines and views to anyone near a window. Employees marveled at the beautiful landmarks; the Naval Shipyard, Walt Whitman Bridge, and the Flagship Olympia (a historically significant warship,) were among the many scenic landmarks visible.

“We are still talking about the wonderful evening we had. It was great getting to know everyone better and everyone looked amazing! We ate and danced too much but couldn’t help ourselves; everything was outstanding.” Anna Luna from Human Resources concluded about the night.

Purolite would like to extend a special thanks to the Human Resource team, who are responsible for planning these fun holiday events.

Happy New Year from Purolite!