New England Water Works Association meeting held in Worcester, MA

Purolite headed to Worcester, Massachusettes for their second American Water Works Association (AWWA) conference in the northeast region this year. The conference brings together educators, regulators, utility workers, and consultants from the water industry to discuss new regulations as well as contaminants threatening municipal drinking water. 

Conference goers coming to Purolite's booth learned about poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), contaminants which are rapidly becoming a public concern throughout regions of the country. These contaminants can be combatted with various forms of treatment, including ion exchange resins. Purofine PFA694E, a resin created by Purolite, is confirmed to remove PFAS to non-detect levels. Additionally, PFA694E is both an operational time and cost saver compared to other treatment options such as granular activated carbon (GAC). 

Participants also got to have some fun while at the conference. Daring NEWWA members were tasked with building fire hydrants in a competition called Hydrant Hysteria. The team which appropriately pieced the hydrant together the fastest not only gained recognition at this show, but will also go on to compete at the upcoming national conference of the AWWA in Las Vegas this June. Purolite will be in attendence there too, look out for us at Booth 12092.