Linda E., Accounts payable Manager, plans to retire end of august, 2019.

August 30th, 2019 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – Purolite would like to announce the retirement of our Accounts Payable Manager, Linda East. Linda has worked with Purolite for over 25 years, managing the checks, making sure employees are all paid, and paying vendors.

Linda found Purolite through a recruiting agency. She has greatly appreciated that everyone here is friendly, and that Purolite is family owned, so employees are treated like family. Her favorite Purolite event is the company’s summer picnic; “I’ve been to nearly every picnic, they’re tons of fun to attend, and my family always enjoys,” Linda shares.

One of Linda’s favorite tasks to take care of at Purolite is delivering the checks, which she calls “check runs.” Linda also shares, “I really enjoy our office events like the Halloween parties, Chili Cook-Off, and Soup day, and how they create friendship and camaraderie throughout the workplace.” Post retirement, she plans to take up old hobbies such as gardening, decorating, and painting.

Linda feels that her biggest accomplishment throughout her time at Purolite was keeping the large volume of work organized, so the invoices are not lost and are paid on time. She takes pride in sending letters for the W-9, so that Purolite could send out the correct forms to vendors. Reflecting on her favorite memory at Purolite, Linda expresses, “There are so many great memories here at Purolite – it is hard to pick a favorite. What comes to mind is one day, coming to work and the electric power was out, so one of the managers went to Wawa to bring the team donuts and coffee – a typical Purolite response.”

Purolite hosted a dinner at Delmonico’s Steakhouse Restaurant in the Philadelphia, PA Hilton hotel on August 22nd to commemorate Linda’s time at Purolite and celebrate her retirement. Linda’s colleagues and even some former colleagues attended to help wish Linda the best of success moving forward.

During the meal, Jacob Brodie, Vice President, gathered the group’s attention to make a speech about Linda and her involvement and dedication to the Purolite Corporation. “Outside of her primary responsibilities with Purolite, Linda has demonstrated what involvement in a family company should look like. She has never failed to participate in our culture-strengthening events – dressing up on Halloween, contributing her home made dishes to company potlucks, and being instrumental in involving her own family in our company picnics and parties. She has provided an example to everyone at Purolite of what it means to be a family business, and helped strengthen the culture and comradery within the office and company.”

Jacob was followed by Mike Guerra, Director of the Finance Department and Linda’s Supervisor, who shared, “It has been a pleasure working with Linda. She is a disciplined worker, and has always exercised good judgement in performing her duties.” Mike also presented Linda with a bouquet of flowers and a custom-made pin, as a token of gratitude for her 25 years here.

After Mike finished speaking, Zina Reyes, Senior buyer, stood up to share with the group, “I have known Linda for 25 years and she has been a warm, friendly, and amazing colleague. I have always appreciated having lunch with her, and hope she has a great time in this new chapter of her life!”

“Linda is hardworking and dedicated, always making sure to get the job done, no matter how long it takes. I will miss working with her,” mentions Ben Docktor, Financial Controller and co-worker of Linda’s.

On retiring, Linda would like us to remember “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Thank you Purolite for providing me with many great opportunities.”

Congratulations Linda! All of your fellow co-workers wish you the best of luck and success in this new and exciting chapter!