Ion Exchange technology highlighted at the 2017 International Water Conference

Hosted by the Engineers' Society of Wester Pennsylvania (ESWP), this year's International Water Conference was held at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Hotel in Orlando, FL on November 12–16. The conference boasted over 900 attendees who were eager to learn about the latest technologies and applications in the industrial water treatment industry.

Purolite had a corner booth in spot 600/602 that was extremely popular. The company sponsored a charging station in the main hall, as well as a block on the BINGO card, and both proved to draw crowds to the Purolite space. Additionally, Purolite's Marketing team of Julie Doboszczak and Andrea Bartus took an early lead in the show's social media opportunities, coming in #1 and #2 overall in the show's social board competition. A photo of Don Downey and Andrea Bartus taken at the booth also won Photo of the Day for the show's newsletter.

Francis Boodoo, Purolite's Director of Applied Technologies presented a peer-reviewed technical paper at this year's confernece. The paper was part of the "Ion Exchange Past Present and Future: Testing, Prediction, and Innovation in Industrial and Potable Water" technical session. Francis's paper entitled "Removal of PFOA PFOS and other PFAS Substances using Ion Exchange Resin" discussed how ion exchange is a proven technology for removing short- and long- chain PFAS contamination.

The technical session contained three other presentations with topics including, chlorides from anion resin in the nuclear power industry, modern ion exchange resin analysis, and a historical review of predicting ion exchange operating performance. All technical discussions were thought-provoking and provided insight into how ion exchange technology continues to advance.

In addition to speaking at the technical session, Purolite's Canadian Sales Manager, Don Downey, led a workshop session "Troubleshooting an Ion Exchange Mixed Bed Unit". Don comes with 40+ years of experience in ion exchange resin, and taught the next generation of water professionals on troubleshooting and repairing various mixed bed systems. 

Purolite is honored to have taken an active role in this year's technical session and workshops. We are also proud to have Don Downey and Chris Grahm, two of our Canadian Sales Managers, to be part of the ESWP Advisory Council.

Purolite looks forward to taking part in 79th Annual International Water Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in 2018.