Purolite India attends ASTF 2018 in New Delhi

On August 2 – 4 Purolite participated the India Surface Treatment and Finishing Expo (ISTF) in New Delhi, India. The booth was located at C-11 of Hall No. 7 within the Pragati Maidan exhibition center. 

The show is designed to support the growth of surface treatment and finishing technologies in India, including products for plating and coating (automotive, powder, paints, etc.). Purolite was represented by Ramesh Ganesan, Nandkumar Thakare, Mitesh Bhavsar, Nandini Shirke, Vidula Awari, Karnish Nanda and Shubhayan Sengupta.

Purolite's Vidula Awari and Nandini Shirke were invited to partake in the lamplighting ceremony to open the event. "This is tradition and considered auspicious to light a lamp before commencing with an event," Vidula explains. "Light is a symbol of knowlege and the absense of darkness. It acts as a guide and leads us from darkness into light. So lighting a lamp as part of a ceremony or function is done with this in mind."

Ramesh Ganesan, Country Head for Purolite India, presented on “Novel Resin Technologies to Generate Savings by Removal, Recovery and Recycling Options in the Plating Industry” that was well received by attendees. Show organizers, M7 Creations complimented Ramesh saying, “[Your presentation] was one of the most interesting topics in the forum. It was an honor for [us] to have you as one of our resource speakers.” They also noted that the audience was very engaged during the presentation.

Ramesh noted, “Purolite has great products for the plating industry and the show provided a good platform to showcase these products and make the industry aware on how they can improve their operations, reduce costs and save the environment. We help customers in the automotive industry and want to scale this experience to a larger customer base in different industrial categories."

Attendees of the show were very interested in learning about nickel recovery from nickel sulphate / nickel chloride baths, as well as iron removal from trivalent passivation baths. "The interest and energy surrounding the industry is extraordinary," Karnish Nanda observed. "Some attendees wanted to quickly test samples to put into their systems ASAP!"

Plating and finishing applications contribute substantially to the country’s GDP, and  the sector continues to grow.

Purolite serves this industry though several different technologies including:

  • Polymeric milling media used in the creation of nanoparticles to increase the durability of paints and coatings
  • Ion exchange resins that remove silica and other impurities from paints and coatings to enable a flawless finish
  • Ion exchange and chelation resins for removing and recovering metals (heavy metals, iron, chromium, nickel, copper, etc.) from rinse baths, acidic solutions waste water, pickling baths and passivation baths 
Purolite resins also create deionized water used for rinsing to prevent tap water contaminants from being recovered with—or carried into—plating solutions. 

Purolite resins for metal finishing are highly effective in the following applications:
•    Chrome reduction and recovery
•    Nickle and copper reduction and recovery
•    Reduction of heavy metals from water
•    Purification of acids (HCl, H2SO4, H2PO4, HNO3, HF)
•    Reduction of iron and zinc from passivation baths
•    Recovery of precious metals from water, waste water and acid streams
•    Recovery of copper and nickel from plating baths
•    Recovery of tungsten from water and waste water
•    Purification of nickel / copper bath
•    Reduction of oil from water and waste water
•    Reduction of iron from waste water

For more information on how Purolite can help improve your surface treatment and finishing processes, contact your local sales representative.