Halloween banner 2017

halloween spirit rises at Purolite

The October winds started howling just in time this year for Halloween, blowing in fall fun at Purolite. This October 31st for Halloween, Purolite sponsored the second annual Halloween costume competition for USA office and plant employees—and participation was strong with over a dozen participants in Bala Cynwyd and four at the plant on G Street.

​"It's always fun pulling up to the convenience store for coffee on Halloween when I am on my way to work," noted Lynn Heiser. Dressed this year as a fisherman, she carried her tackle box and poles into the office hoping to catch the $50 prize.

​Other costumes seen around the office included a baker (Linda Bailey), a biker (Carolyn Soccio) and Bruce Lee (Jason Hsu), as well as a good witch (Karen Beck), the wicked witch from Snow White (Andrea Bartus), a bubbling cauldron witch (Linda East) a Philadelphia Philly (Jack Dolan), a sleepy lady (Zina Reyes), a social butterfly (Doree Jacobs), a Doctor (Ben Doktor), a prisoner (Sean Kennedy), a Monster Mash Dancer (Cathy Schneider), and a funky pink curly-queue wigged man (John Madiraca).

​The plant featured Warner Jarnigan, Plant Manager, as a birdwatcher complete with all of his birding gear such as binoculars, vest and species identification book. Then Dominique Town in HR dressed as John McEnroe and Stephen Moylan, Technical Manager, dressed as "Doc McClucken" with a doctor's coat, stethoscope and chicken head. But it was Purolite's engineering co-op James Bausano, who took the prize as a mad scientist. With his jet pack made from a water jug and flames of paper, James blasted the competition by capturing 17 points to win the plant's grand prize.  Steve Moylan came in second with a total of 9 points.

Walking around the office in the early part of the work day, it was hard to say who would win the big prize as there was a lot of creativity and silliness. As the baker, Linda Bailey was covered in flour, and added the perfect prop of a tray of cookies, which she gave out to everyone. If anyone knows Linda, they know this is a really appropriate costume as she enjoys baking in real life, bringing in trays of delectible cookies every year during the holiday season. Linda was a co-winner in last year's competition when she dressed as a sumo wrestler.

​The other 2016 co-winner was Carolyn who dressed as a pirate. This year, she created buzz again with her tatoo sleeve, beard chops and biker vest that included a patch that asserted, "ride it like you stole it."

Doree was so into Halloween this year that she sported two separate costumes. In the morning she worked at her desk as a referee, but for the contest she transformed with glittery wings and social media logos covering her outfit, which included a butterfly printed skirt. "I did two costumes because wearing wings all day is a little impractical." Upon seeing her, coworkers joked, "You're going to have glitter at your desk through the holidays!" and Doree responded, "I sparkle all the time anyway!"

This is a busy season for Puolite, and many people were out of the office on vacation or traveling for work. However, out of a total of 21 people, more than half were in costume.

​In the end it was Carolyn Soccio who took grand prize at Bala with 9 points—for the second year in a row! With four points, Andrea Bartus came in second place.

Because participation was so high at Bala, everyone was treated to a selection of pizza and "buffalo style" chicken wings so that participants didn't have to trek out in their costumes.

Halloween is generally a holiday where young children go door-to-door dressed in costume exclaiming, "Trick-Or-Treat!" in exchange for candy. Adults often like to participate, but unless one dresses up to hand out candy or have a party to go to, there is little opportunity to fully participate. However, Halloween is surely popular at Purolite! We thank everyone for participating in the fun.