G-Street Employees Celebrate Halloween

On October 31st, Halloween, Purolite USA’s manufacturing plant, known as G-street, celebrated Halloween. Employees were encouraged to dress up as their favorite spooky characters. Food, decorations, and drinks were provided by the HR team and the plant was abuzz because of the upcoming Cornhole competition later that day.

Throughout the morning, workers scuffled in. A surprisingly large number of employees were in costume as compared to last year. Throughout the building, gladiators, demons, pirates, skeletons, and even a nurse could be seen wandering and working. Stephen Moylan, Technical Services Manager, even came dressed as water, with his balloons and T-shirts symbolizing its molecular makeup. Everyone appreciated his pun.

“Participation was off the walls this year,” noted Human Resources Manager Karen Beck on the spike in employees showing up in costume. “We are really excited about how the Halloween event is gaining traction. There is more and more participation each year. At the end of the day this event is all about having fun.”

At the first break, when everyone was available, tables with donuts and coffee, decorated like pumpkins spiders and ghouls were placed in the cafeteria. Everyone marveled at the beautiful decorations and loved the donuts.

“We had such a good time,” mentions Anna Luna (Human Resources.) “Everyone loved the food and decorations. They were all super appreciative. We all got to eat and hang out together and had a nice time.”

Around noon, it was time to head out to the parking lot for the bi-annual Cornhole championships. Those in costume took this as an opportunity to snap some awesome group photos. Meanwhile, Dos Hermanos Tacos truck had a line down the block of employees lining up for some delicious Mexican food. There was not a person who ate it and did not find it delicious. The whole group sat eating candy and Mexican food and watching the Cornhole tournament.

“I had a great time with the team while eating candy, chocolate, and a burrito at the same time,” says Carlos Socorro, remembering the tournament. When the games had ended, Anna Luna walked around collecting voting slips for the “best costume contest,” The winners were announced to be Bill Baskerville in first place, and Dan Valentin in second. Congratulations, and enjoy your gift cards!

After the festivities were over, employees headed home to trick or treat with family, eat dinner, and celebrate. Everyone thought fondly of the day, and the great activities at work.

Purolite would like to thank HR for an amazing Halloween this year, they coordinated the entire thing. Purolite would also like to thank all employee participants and wish wish all employees and their families a happy, fun, safe Halloween!