Did you know that Ion exchange resins are used to decolor natural sugar to create the white sugar commonly found in your kitchen?

Cane sugar used to get “bleached” in the past to give it a white color by adding chemicals that are not considered safe for consumption by many countries. And, another way used to create whiter sugar is to process bone char from the bones of cattle to create a decolorizing filter, making it not vegan-friendly or Halal-friendly. Both options have their drawbacks. 
However, an excellent safe alternative to those methods is the use of ion exchange resins process. Color bodies are usually negatively charged at neutral pH and therefore can be attracted to an anion exchanger.  Color bodies also have non-polar regions which are attracted to and adsorbed onto the non-polar backbone of styrenic anion  exchange resins.  The resins removes the dark, sometimes black color contained in  raw sugar crystals to create an amber to colorless sugar liquid that will be crystallized into the white color sugar you buy today.

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