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Purolite Cookie Day 2018

Monday, December 10th, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA - In celebration of the upcoming holidays, Purolite employees grabbed their favorite pastries and deserts (many of which were baked and assembled over the weekend), and their ugliest sweaters, and headed to work. As employees arrived, the conference room began to fill with tasty deserts and treats, and the hallways filled with the jingling of bells and Christmas colors. The conference room had been perfectly themed and decorated with sparkling hanging snowflakes, ornaments, and a happy holiday banner, which hung behind the table.

At 10 AM, after all the snacks were arranged and laid out, employees headed over to the conference room to try some of the delicious treats. Zina Reyes, Michaela Connolly, and Shaindel Brodie all brought in their favorite cookies, while Victoria Ortiz provided sweet pastries to go along. Jason Hsu brought mochi, a Japanese dessert of ice cream covered with sticky flavored rice. Gayle Reese placed her drinks and bread pudding down, while Cathy Schneider neatly arranged her ring bologna, cheese and crackers on a plate. Rebecca Keyser contributed with her chocolate covered cookies, while Andrea made ambrosia, a sweet twist on a fruit salad. Linda Heiser showed up with a creamy spinach dip, and Doree Jacob’s chocolate fountain was a hit.

"This whole event was so fun! We’re going to be eating all these deserts for weeks,” mentions Doree Jacobs.

In the morning, employees were handed slips of paper to vote on the ugliest sweater. This was the first year for the contest, and it was a tough one, because the array of sweaters included real Christmas lights, ornaments, and even a cow. At 1 PM, when all the votes were counted, the winner was Gayle Reese, who’s sweater was fashioned with ornaments, a flashing headband, a flamingo in a santa hat, and even a Santa Claus bobblehead on her back. Congratulations on having the ugliest sweater!

“Don’t forget to switch on your lights.” Karen Beck told Gayle, referring to her headband covered in Christmas lights, as she handed her the prize.

It wasn’t just the headquarters having fun today, however. Purolite’s Philadelphia production plant also celebrated the winter holidays with good food and festively tacky clothes. The breakroom was stocked with hoagies and cookies for all to enjoy. The ugliest sweater for G-Street was worn by Mable Reyes, who showed up in a white sweater wrapped with ornaments, gold streamers, and Christmas lights. Congratulations on winning!

“Had such a fun time, what a nice event,” comments Mable Reyes. “Thanks to everyone who had planned it.”

Cookie day is an annual event hosted by Purolite to celebrate the wintertime holidays. Special thanks to the Human Resources team for arranging this and to Doree Jacobs for helping to decorate the conference room. Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to bake or bring in a treat.

Happy holidays from Purolite!