Cathy Schneider's Retirement

Cathy Schneider, Sales Support Specialist, gave notice of her retirement this month. Cathy has been with Purolite for 12 years. Throughout her time here at Purolite she has worked within the customer service department; specializing in managing freight, finding missing orders, and coordinating shipping. Cathy’s favorite part of working in customer service are the relationships she gets to build with the sales representatives, customers, and shipping departments. Cathy also assisted in the training of new sales support specialists, and excelled in this even in the months before her retirement.

Cathy found Purolite through a friend, who let her know they had receptionist and customer service positions available.

“At first I wanted to be a receptionist. I was intimidated by the idea of being in customer service. When I interviewed with Jack Dolan (Purchasing Director), he believed that my background experience made me a better fit for the sales support position,” explains Cathy. At first, learning all the Purolite slang and the complicated order processes were difficult, as many Purolite employees are aware. Cathy wasn’t sure if she would be able to understand her job fully. However, Cathy believes that it is the sense of accomplishment she feels from overcoming obstacles such as these while working here that made her stay.

Cathy enjoys the friendliness of the Bala office. Particularly, the enthusiasm her co-workers show towards their jobs. She highlights the openness of employees, always stopping by to talk, share news or check up on her, and their willingness to contribute to work events like holiday celebrations or luncheons.

Cathy mentions that one of her favorite Purolite events has been the Administrative Professionals luncheon hosted by Karen Beck (Head Human Resources) every April.

“A big part of why I love this job has been coming home every night feeling accomplished. When I am done with the day, I can head home feeling like I have straightened everything out and learned something new. The luncheon in April is a great time for all of us to appreciate each other and the hard work we contribute to this company’s success. It feels good to know that my co-workers notice and support my efforts.” Cathy explains, speaking on why she enjoys the luncheon.

One of Cathy’s favorite moments at Purolite was speaking with Linda Bailey, former Purolite employee and cubicle neighbor of Cathy’s, on a rough day. They took turns venting to each other. Cathy laughs about how when Linda had finished speaking, she angrily lifted her right hand and raised her finger into a thumbs-up with the other hand. “We burst out laughing,” remembers Cathy, “it was just so funny how angry she looked while doing it!”

Around the office, Co-workers recognize Cathy as a kind, intelligent, and very caring individual.

“In my 30 years of working in Customer Service, Sales, Sales Support, Operations etc., it is very rare to come across someone with such a strong will of dedication and reliability like Cathy Schneider. She is always on time and ready to work. A no non-sense performer with an extremely strong work ethic, Cathy has spoiled our customers and sales professionals over the years with her high-level of service and attention to detail. I am extremely proud to have worked with Cathy over the past 3-1/2 years and she will be sorely missed. We wish her all the best in her retirement.” Praises John Madiraca, Manager of Customer Services.

“Cathy has been a phenomenal co-worker and friend, and I wish her the best of success moving forward,” comments Doree Jacobs, Administrative Assistant.

“I have worked with Cathy for 15+ years. Arriving early in the morning and expecting to see her having her toast and already plugging away! Typically, it was either her or myself who opened the office, this meant she was usually the first person that I spoke to everyday (discounting my wife who I don’t believe even hears what I say.) I could always count on Cathy to sit and plug in orders when things would get busy, because she is extremely reliable and dedicated. I will miss her work ethic, and most of all her friendship.” Jack Dolan, Director of Purchasing.

After her retirement, Cathy plans to spend time at home with her family, and participate in activities she enjoys, such as reading and baking.

On December 19th, following an eventful day, employees headed to the Hilton hotel to see Cathy and celebrate her retirement. By 6:00 PM, Cathy’s friends, family, and co-workers were seated in the private party room of Delmonico’s restaurant, congratulating Cathy, and sharing their favorite memories of working with her. The party room was decorated with pink balloons, and flowers. Circular tables with gold and white accents stood beneath glass chandeliers.

Jacob Brodie, Vice President of Purolite, stood up as the group sat down for dinner, to wish Cathy good luck and success in the future. Jack Dolan, Purchasing Director, spoke second and mentioned Cathy’s amazing punctuality, dedication, and how pleasant she was to work with. Jack handed Cathy a beautiful bouquet of pink roses at the end of his speech, as a token of his appreciation for her hard work and friendship. John Madiraca, Head of Customer Services, then stood up to speak about Cathy’s accomplishments in customer services, as well as their personal friendship throughout Cathy’s time at Purolite. He began his speech by promising not to make any cat jokes, referring to a squabble Cathy and her cat had a few weeks earlier, prompting chuckles from the crowd. At the end of his speech, John played “Tonight Tonight” by Hot Chelle Ray, as a tribute to Cathy’s hard work during the hardest times of the year. He mentioned how Cathy could always be seen “plugging” information into the sales support system and eating her breakfast in the mornings before anyone else had even arrived. John asked Jason Pryor, Sales Support Specialist, to present Cathy with her gift, a generous collection of money from her co-workers and friends.

Dinner was served promptly after speeches. Those attending Cathy’s retirement dinner enjoyed tasty appetizers, crunchy salads, and a choice of salmon, steak, or chicken. As the group ate, Cathy stood up and thanked everyone for attending, spoke about her experience working at Purolite, and her excitement for the future. Desert was a choice between a trio of sorbet, or a large warm cookie topped with ice cream. The meal concluded with an option of coffee, or hot tea. As the night came to an end, attendees wished Cathy the best of success, and headed their separate ways.

Upon retirement, Cathy reflects on her time at Purolite, “looking back on the years I’ve worked for Purolite, I’ve learned that even after all the stress that’s sometimes involved in getting the job done; with teamwork and dedication it all works out in the end.”

Everyone will miss you, Cathy, and would all like to wish you the very best in the next chapter of your life.