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Educating the Next Generation in Ion Exchange Technology

Ted Begg, Purolite East Coast Sales Director, participated in Career Day at Penn Wood Middle School in Darby, PA. Purolite commits itself to educating and transferring ion exchange knowledge to the next generation of water treatment experts.

Throughout the day, Ted hosted four sessions on water treatment career paths to 7th and 8th graders. Each session began by going over the basics of where drinking water comes from and how pollutants and impurities contaminate water. He then discussed how ion exchange resins can remove contaminants and help purify water to make it healthy and safe.

Ted then discussed various career paths in the water industry including water operators, engineers, technicians, and consultants. He also highlighted how expansive the water industry is with various fields such as potable water treatment, waste water, process water, water infrastructure, municipal water, environmental waste cleanup and industrial water treatment. “I’ve never given much thought to how water is treated,” said one 8th grader, “but from what I learned, it’s pretty cool.”

After over thirty years working in water treatment, Ted was very excited to share his knowledge. “It’s never too early to start thinking about what kind of career you want and it’s important to educate kids on what kind of opportunities they have," he noted.

If you are interested working with ion exchange technology, visit our Careers page and apply to Purolite today!