Brian Windsor Retirement from Purolite Ltd.

Brian Windsor, Regional Technical Sales Manager for the UK, retires from Purolite Ltd on Friday, May 15, 2020. Brian has worked for Purolite for 32 years. Prior to joining Purolite, he was with a major Water Treatment OEM, so he served the ion exchange industry for 43 years in total.

Brian’s expertise in industrial water treatment, especially condensate polishing, is widely recognized within Purolite, by clients and in industrial academic circles.

Brian joined Purolite not long after it began operations in the UK and was very instrumental in growing the business in the early years. He has also trained many of the company's technical sales representatives. Additionally, Brian has supported R&D and Marketing in their development of new products and technical literature. Retirement plans include travel, gardening, his passion of steam trains and maybe a glass or two of Malbec or Barolo.

Thank you, Brian, for all that you have done for and accomplished with Purolite. We wish you happiness and all the best in your retirement.