Americas Sales Team Holds Annual Meeting in Texas

From November 26 – 30, Purolite held its annual sales meeting in The Woodlands, Texas. This yearly gathering joins individuals from all facets of the organization including sales, marketing, applications, production and finance to strategize for the year ahead.

The meeting started with a round of golf on the Woodlands Resort Panther Trail course. The weather was picture perfect as our golfers enjoyed some friendly competition.

After a relaxing day outdoors, Purolite got down to business with presentations on corporate updates regarding research and development, manufacturing, and technical services. There were also territory reports from international guests regarding updates in the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, and Germany. Purolite then held technical training sessions for the sales, marketing, and applications teams regarding the latest advancements in resin technology.

After a successful meeting, Purolite looks forward to a great 2018!