Purolite’s Dave LaRose and Grant King attended the AZ Water Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition that ran from May 3 – 5, 2017 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

This year boasted the 90th year of bringing Arizona’s local water and wastewater professionals together for professional development, continuing education and technology transfer to enhance the safety and reliability of Arizona’s water. Concurrent sessions ran each day, training operators and other industry professionals on everything from basic math and water treatment principles, to operator advancement & certification, Water Treatment Chemistry, and Water Treatment and Wastewater Process Troubleshooting.

The exhibitor hall opened on Wednesday and continued through Thursday. Dave and Grant were located in Booth #1100 and educated operators on ion exchange solutions for arsenic and nitrate projects that are prevalent in this area of the country.

Purolite resins are highly effective for selective removal of contaminants— including arsenic, nitrate, PFAS, hexavalent chromium, perchlorate, TOCs and other water issues—reducing levels to meet regulatory MCLs, and often reducing levels to non-detect. Purolite ion exchange resins can also work together in layered bed, single-tank designs that can remove multiple contaminants at once, saving on system footprint, and reducing the costs associated with water consumption, regeneration chemicals and wastewater disposal.

Purolite’s FerrIX™ A33E for arsenic treatment was a hot topic as well as Purofine® PFA694E for the remediation of PFAS in drinking water. PFOA and PFOS are a major concern in the Arizona market and Dave and Grant discussed the benefits of Purofine® PFA694E when compared to the use of granular activated carbon. Engineers and municipalities were very interested in the savings in CAPEX and OPEX that can be achieved, and have requested additional information.

“Perfluoroalkyl substances are a topic of primary interest with municipalities this year because of customer awareness and demand,” notes Dave LaRose, Purolite’s Western Regional Sales Manager. “Purolite’s Purofine® PFA694E resin has been developed specifically to consistently and effectively remove contamination from water caused by perfluoroalkyl substances. It can be used as a primary removal or polishing system, providing an excellent alternative to granular activated carbon.”

Grant King, Western Regional Sales Representative for Purolite adds, “Purolite is committed to helping municipal and private operators find the best solutions for their potable and ground water contaminant issues, whatever they are. Purolite is committed to ensure  our products are not only highly effective, but also often add the benefit of reducing overall resource usage and allowing longer in-service life.” Grant is also  a specialist in the Cr6 market assisting numerous engineers and municipalities to meet the requirement to provide safe drinking water to the public.

Attendees also had a lot of opportunity to network and have fun at the AZ Conference, with events such as a BBQ, golf outing, a “Meter Mania” competition where participants race against the clock to assemble a water meter from a bucket of parts, and the AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge, which serves to boost awareness of potable reuse by encouraging local brewers to craft their finest beers from purified water.
The AZ Water Association serves as the Arizona section of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Arizona member association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF).