American Water Works Association NJ meeting takes place in Atlantic City

As the fourth Nor'easter of March blew into New Jersey, hundreds of professionals in the water industry made their way to Atlantic City for the 83rd Annual Conference of the NJ chapter of the AWWA. Speakers and poster authors were set to discuss topics such as PFAS, new and advanced water technologies, updated regulations, and case studies. But due to the inclimate weather, a couple of sessions were forced to reschedule or cancel altogther. For those who chose to brave the storm, however, the Borgata Casino and Spa was a welcome shelter from the snow and rain. 

Purolite's big topic for attendees visiting their booth was treatement for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) with ion exchange resin. New guidelines by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommend that municipal water should not exceed a PFAS level of 70 ppt. Purofine PFA694E, a resin created by Purolite, is confirmed to remove PFAS to non-detect levels. Additionally, PFA694E reduces empty bed contact time and capital costs compared to other traditional methods of contaminat removal. Students from the Stevens Institute of Technology were very interested in how resin can be used as an alternative to granular activated carbon (GAC). 

To add some fun to the conference, the AWWA - NJ provided attendees with monopoly-like game board. Game play required attenedees to "pass go" by visiting 24 booths and getting their board stamped. A completed board with 24 stamps earned players $200 in monopoly cash. Other ways to earn money were also available such as taking a professioanl headshot, attending a session and providing feedbck, and participating in a water tasting contest. Money could then be exchanged at the AWWA bookstore for shirts, hats, mugs, and literature on water technologies.