Purolite America’s Mid-Year Sales Meeting, 2019, in Park City Utah!

June 23, 2019 – Park City, Utah – As the airplanes began to touch down in the Salt Lake City International airport, and Purolite employees began to grab their bags from the conveyor belts and call their taxis, the air in Salt Lake City, Utah was abuzz with talk of the upcoming Mid-Year Sales Meeting. Hosted by Purolite, employees from sales, applications and marketing were invited to discuss strategy and goals for the first half of 2019.

This year, the meeting was held at the Park City Marriott in Park City, Utah; one of Purolite’s most frequented destinations. As employees began checking in, everyone stopped to marvel at the beautiful views surrounding the hotel; tall mountains towered over the hotel in every direction, allowing glimpses of the setting sun to peak through. As soon as a majority of the conference’s attendees arrived at the hotel and checked in, the group was ushered to Grubb Steak Restaurant, a steakhouse adjacent to the hotel, to enjoy a dinner and reconnect with their co-workers and friends from all over the America’s regions.

The meeting officially began the next morning, Monday the 24th of June, with a welcome presentation by Jacob Brodie, Vice President of Sales in the U.S. “The Mid-Year sales meeting is an intimate discussion with the purpose of staying on target for the second half of the year,” he began, “We will take the next two days to discuss everything from budget to applications, as well as develop a strong strategy to help maintain our strategic path through the year.” Jacob took the time to introduce all of the newer members of the Purolite team, who included: Cathy Swanson (Regional Sales Manager), Gabe Austin (Technical Sales Engineer), Chris Bailey (Regional Sales Manager), Chris Dzvorak (Technical Sales Representative), Greg Krueger (Regional Life Sciences Sales Manager), Marco Tovar (Technical Salesperson), Bruno Almeida (Product Application Supervisor), Caio Azevedo (Technical Salesperson), Andre Lacerda (Technical Sales Person), and Hilary Valentine (Marketing Coordinator). Joining the Americas team on this meeting was Fabio Sousa, Managing Director of Latin America, and his entire sales team from Latin America.

After all of the initial introductions, Jacob began his presentation on the State of the Company, covering topics from supply and demand to sales and miscellaneous company news. During this presentation, he officially announced the long-awaited moving date to Purolite’s new headquarter’s location in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. He also explored the different solutions we provide to customers and the value that the group’s technical expertise brings our customers.

Next, Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director, presented marketing goals. He was followed by Amanda Dolan-Riddle, CRM Integration Manager, who walked the group step-by-step through Zoho tasks and scheduling.

“Can we start again?” Ted Begg, Northeast Sales Manager, joked once Amanda finished.

The group stepped out for a lunch break on the patio, then returned for calculator training, presented by Francis Boodoo, Director of Applied Technologies. Following Francis was Don Downey, Canadian Sales Manager, who invited Mike Weatherhill, Technical Sales Representative, to join the conversation about sales development techniques. Finishing off the day was Jack Dolan, who detailed our inventory and lead times, and how we could better meet customer’s needs.

Day 2 began with breakout meetings, where small groups of 6 employees each had a chance to speak to a different Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) about special applications, and gain a diverse perspective on what our products can do for different process issues. Presenting was Francis Boodoo, Ted Begg, Don Downey, Bob Moore, Terrence Heller, and Fabio Sousa.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to ask question to the SMEs about different topics, which was only possible in the smaller groups. We’ve grown in numbers in the past few years, and the smaller groups allowed for more of a discussion,” commented Jeffrey Frain, Global Marketing Director.

The day was continued with a presentation on low chloride products for the nuclear power generation industry by Terrance Heller, Southeast Regional Manager; an update on the Lifesciences from Greg Krueger, Midwest and Canada Life Science Sales Manager; and a Trade Show powwow led by Andrea Bartus, Marketing Manager, and Hilary Valentine, Marketing Coordinator. Finally, Jacob concluded the meeting by playing a fantastic video created by the Lifesciences team, that visually displayed the values of the Purolite Company.

“After this sales meeting, I am really excited for our growth potential in many different industries. New applications and opportunities are presenting themselves every day,” Chris Bailey, Southeast Regional Manager, shared.

It wasn’t all work and no play, however. The American Teams enjoyed dinners at the Riverhorse on Main located in Park City, a local restaurant serving New American Cuisine; as well as the SilverStar Café, a café located on the side of a ski slope, overlooking a beautiful golf course.

The Americas team has had a very successful year so far, with many applications being explored, initiatives beginning, and success in providing added value and service to our customers. Thank you to anyone who presented or contributed to the mid-year meeting, making it a reality. With the technical expertise, as well as new techniques and tips discussed at the meeting, it is certain that the second half of 2019 will bring our customer service, technological expertise, order fulfillment and communication initiatives to new heights!