2018 International Sales Meeting

Purolite employees from all over the world checked into the scenic Donnafugata Golf Resort and Spa in Ragusa, Sicily on November 11, 2018 to begin the 2018 Purolite International Sales Meeting. They were excited to spend time in Sicily to tour, share reports on the business, and interact face to face with coworkers from around the world. Many country managers and field sales members worked long hours to prepare presentations on the sales and financial success of their region throughout 2018.

Formal meetings started on Monday the 12th where executive leadership met in the Ibla Meeting Room at 4:00 pm, to be briefed on the conference. Those who were present at the hotel—but not attending this meeting—used this time to unpack, settle in, and walk around the hotel’s grounds to scope out shops, facility amenities, and the large golf course at the resort. Once strategy for the upcoming year was discussed, all employees who had arrived by this point met at the Bedda Mia Restaurant to enjoy classic southern Italian cuisine, share goals and hopes for what would be accomplished over the next few days, and catch up with international friends.

On Tuesday, after breakfast at Ficodindia Restaurant, Steve Brodie, President and CEO of Purolite, opened the all-inclusive meeting with a welcoming speech. Don Brodie (Executive Vice President), Satish Bapat (Global Operations Manager), Chris Bresner (R&D Manager), Carmen Iesan (R&D Service Manager), Andreas Gotthardt (Tech Services & Quality Manager), David Jackson (Global Purchasing Executive), Mark Price (Regulatory Manager), Christophe Pruvost (Logistics Manager), Chris Major (Sales Director), and Allessandra Basso (Lifetech Manager) all gave their departmental update report for the year, and presented their observations and suggestions for moving forward. Additionally, fast-paced updates were provided in the afternoon for new product applications within the Asia Pacific, U.K., Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Span and the Middle East territories. Although it was a long day of reporting and data analysis, the information helped to inspire and prepare employees to achieve the goals set for 2019.

“I always find the international sales meeting is a great way to share the progress we are making in agarose life sciences with the rest of the company as we continue to build this new and exciting branch of the business.” Mentions Chris Major, Sales Director. He continues, “We have an extremely enthusiastic sales team and they are always interested to learn how Purolite is leveraging their resin knowledge and applying this to new applications and fields.”

Day three, Wednesday the 14th, was devoted to talking about the year’s theme, “Purolite Evolution.” In a presentation by Vice President of the America’s region, Jacob Brodie, the company’s goals for growing and becoming even stronger in the upcoming year were outlined. Following breakfast, presentations from Doug Carney (IT), Leighton Davies (Finance), Amanda Riddle (CRM), Christopher Pruvost (Logistics), and Jeffrey Frain (Marketing), each filled 40-minute slots before lunch, the group then reconvened at 1:30 p.m. for the team building activity.

This years’ team building activity was called, “The Sicilian Menu.” A non-competitive teambuilding activity, 8 teams traipsed around the historical town of Ragusa preparing a variety of Italian delicacies and tasting Italian wine. The goal was to complete 8 stations and answer a question at the end of each station, demonstrating the use of “quality not quantity.” Spending only 15 minutes per station, Purolite employees covered the town of Ragusa dressed in white chef coats with various colored silk neck scarves tied around their necks, heads, wrists, arms--- or whatever creative expression they could come up with.

“It was hilarious to see the ancient town of Ragusa completely covered with chef-shirted employees. We arrived and turned the town white with our custom made Purolite chef jackets,” laughs Jeffrey Frain, Marketing Director.

Thursday, the final day of the meeting, was reserved exclusively for sales and technical teams. The sessions started with a presentation by Ramesh Ganesan (India Sales Manager), and then continued with rotating training tracks on specified topics. Topics covered were Weak Acid Cation Applications, presented by Sean Kennedy (Technical Specialist), Return on Investment, presented by Fabio Sousa (Managing Director of Latin America), and Adsorbent Applications, presented by Francis Boodoo (Director of Applied Technology). To fill the remaining afternoon, presentations were given by Matteo Garegnani (Technical Director), Fabio Sousa (Managing Director-Latin America), Bob Moore (Technical Manager for Sweetener and Catalyst), and Jeffrey Frain (Marketing Director).

To complete the meeting, Steve Brodie (CEO) tied up all the information and concluded the conference in his Wrap-Up speech. The gala dinner at the Melanzana Restaurant marked the last night of the trip. The dinner began with cocktails and musicians, and employees were encouraged to treat it like a Gala ball. Towards the end of the night, Edo Perris (Managing Director of Italy) surprised the group by jumping onto the front stage and performing a karaoke version of “O Solo Mio.” Truly a memory (and video) to be passed around for years. Employees retired to bed, most preparing to travel the next day.

“The annual sales meeting is a great opportunity to meet face to face the colleagues that we otherwise only interact with by email or social media,” mentions Christopher Bresner. “Having the opportunity to present and inform the sales group of new technologies, projects and capabilities, I feel, is key to keeping them updated on our growth and commitment to future investments and goals. Presenting in front of a large audience can be a little challenging on nerves for most people, but the friendly atmosphere within the Purolite family quickly puts any fears to rest.”

As the attendees of the conference boarded their flights and headed their separate ways, they took with them the skills and knowledge to best contribute to Purolite’s success in 2019.

The Purolite International Sales meeting is held at a different location each year to discuss the company’s success the prior year and to establish an effective future agenda. This year employees stayed at the Donnafugata Golf Resort and Spa in Ragusa, Sicily. The beautiful hotel surrounded with appetizing Italian cuisine proved a resourceful location for the meeting. Great job to all the presenters who worked to finalize and perfect their PowerPoints. Thank you to anyone who contributed for making this possible. See you all next year, and cheers to success for 2019!