Purolite Holiday Luncheon 2018

On a chilly Friday, December 14th, at 2:00 PM, Purolite employees packed up their belongings and headed down to Pietro’s Pizza in Radnor to enjoy the Italian cuisine and celebrate the upcoming holidays. Many employees carpooled or drove together, arriving in groups. As the whole team slowly reached the restaurant, they were greeted by the delicious smell of warm pizza and the glow of globe shaped lamps, then brought back to a quieter room where Purolite would be eating.

“This is my holiday outfit, festive and warm,” said Gayle Reese, as she showed off her red pants and sweater, complete with black boots. Many took the holiday luncheon as an opportunity to show off their favorite holiday outfits, such as Zina Reyes and her red shoes, Linda Bailey’s reindeer sweater, or Shaindel Brodie’s bright red skirt. The room was full of holiday cheer.

Employees who arrived before the luncheon began took the time to chat about holiday plans with co-workers and enjoy refreshments. Once the whole group had arrived, around 3 PM, a flood of pizza, Italian sausage, pasta, meatballs, calamari, and mozzarella sticks was brought to the buffet table, and employees helped themselves. Past employees were invited too, and everyone appreciated the chance to see Linda Bailey and Maggie Nglau.

“I’ve gone to this event for all three years I’ve been with Purolite,” mentioned Karen Beck, Head of Human Resources, “I’ve loved it every year.”

After everyone had finished their lunch (and seconds), Jack Dolan, Director of Purchasing, stood up to commemorate the prosperity of the company and thank everyone for their hard work. Once he had finished, Jeffrey Frain, Marketing Director, explained that Vice President, Jacob Brodie, was out of state and had pre-recorded a speech for the event. The team had a good laugh when he further explained that he was glad Jacob sent the recording, as the initial plan had been to hold up a picture of Jacob’s face and give the speech himself.

Jacob’s speech addressed Purolite’s success in the past year, and high demands because of the changing market. He thanked the sales and customer service teams for managing the lead times and inventory and pointed out how much this contributed to the company’s success this year. He also praised the overall work ethic and dedication of Purolite employees this year. He left the team with motivation to work hard in 2019 and accomplish even more in the coming year.

As Jacob finished his speech by wishing everyone happy holidays, Karen Beck announced a holiday raffle with prizes for ten lucky winners. She invited employees up to pull names out of a jar and pick the winners. Congratulations to Zina Reyes, Victoria Ortiz, Michaela Connolly, Mike Rivera, Doug Macrone, Rebecca Keyser, Juan Bazurto, Jason Pryor, and Jason Hsu for winning! Enjoy your holiday gift cards.

“Which Jason won what?” asked Zina Reyes, as Jason Hsu and Jason Pryor pulled each other’s name out of the bucket.

To conclude the presentation piece of the luncheon, Jeffrey Frain played the video compilation of photos from the recent sales meeting in Dallas. With speeches being finished, desert was brought out. Attendees spent the rest of the day trying the delicious deserts and socializing. As the workday ended, employees headed their separate ways, wishing each other happy holidays and successful new year.

Purolite would like to wish you happy holidays and a great new year!