Committed to Quality

Purolite recognizes that delivering products of uncompromising quality is fundamental to maintaining growth and success of the business. As such, Purolite strives to achieve the highest levels of quality control during manufacturing procedures, as well as handling raw materials, intermediates and final products.

Exceptional Services

With four decades of ion exchange expertise, Purolite can provide comprehensive product and application support through our technical specialists worldwide. We have manufacturing around the globe to handle your requirements and a Sales Support team to manage every step of your order.

How Can We Help in Your Plant?

Our services begin with PuroPASS™, a comprehensive, on-site evaluation performed by Purolite’s expert technical sales staff to help customers optimize their softening and demineralization systems. PuroPASS examines all aspects of the system including the condition of the resins, service cycle performance, regeneration procedures, and more. Through this analysis, Purolite can identify inefficiencies, recommend improvements and analyze the economics of resin replacement.

PRSM™ - Purolite Resin System Modeling
Purolite recently introduced PRSM, an online tool for modeling all aspects of plant design associated with ion exchange resin performance and operation. Whether you are modeling an existing plant or designing a new plant, PRSM will help you Predict (calculate the effect of your site's unique variables), Compare (side-by-side product and plant configuration performance evaluation), and Optimize (add operation and product cost analysis to better understand the value of product options).

Pilot Testing
Purolite creates mobile testing rigs to show that ion exchange resins can work for specific applications. Pilot designs are created with customer input and the pilots are catered to their application needs. Pilot rigs are delivered on-site where a Purolite representative can help install and start up the pilot. If requested, Purolite can also operate the pilot and gather the necessary data. Once field pilots are completed, Purolite provides detailed reports containing data analysis and scale up recommendations.

Resin Analysis
Purolite offers comprehensive resin analysis as a diagnostic tool for the use of ion exchange resins. A typical analysis includes a physical and chemical evaluation of the submitted sample.  The results can provide vital information about the health of the resin in service as well as provide clues to what factors may have contributed to the current state of the resin. 

When samples are taken immediately following a regeneration cycle, Purolite not only evaluates the conditions of the resin, but also assesses the effectiveness of the regeneration protocols in use. 

Resin analysis is a critical tool for troubleshooting performance issues with your system and managing the life cycle of your ion exchange resin.

Resin Product Samples
Purolite offers free product samples for client testing. All product sample requests come through our global sales organization who have the expertise to help you select the best solutions to match your ion exchange resin needs.

Purolite’s PuroFill is the one stop shop, turnkey service for the complete installation and commissioning of your Purolite resin. PuroFill includes site surveys, safety tailgate reviews prior to any activity, removal of an existing resin, inspection of vessels for cleanliness and condition, installation of new resin and coordination of disposal for non-hazardous materials. This service also includes our bulk tanker truck delivery service, or vacuum and re-bed — whichever meets your plants requirements. All services have complete documentation including safe work review, resin batch lot numbers, work performed and any other site-specific documentation requirements. PuroFill is available to select customers in North America. 

To discuss any of these services, please complete a contact us form or contact your regional Purolite office.