Eliminate security of supply risk by implementing a dual sourcing strategy

Protein A affinity chromatography continues to be the method of choice for the purification of antibodies. With the continued growth and therapeutic commercial importance of MAb production, the availability of high-quality agarose resins is critical. Currently only one vendor on the market has the capacity to supply agarose-based resins in volumes required by the industry.

Most key raw materials are dual sourced but this has not been the case with protein A resins. Therefore the Security of Supply of protein A affinity resins is a major concern. Dual sourcing would enhance Security of Supply, reduce risk and help industry manage both their supply and cost of goods.

This report evaluates the performance of eight different protein A (agarose and non agarose) resins to assess the possibility of dual sourcing protein A resins for the same process using identical conditions.  

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