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Adsorption: To boldly go where no ion exchange has gone before!
While ion exchange polymer chemistry has been used to extract ionic compounds, adsorbent resins rely on solubility differences in the solvents used. Without any surface modification, adsorbent's main characteristics are its large surface area and its controlled pore structure to enhance its selectivity. And, due to its high rigidity and cyclability, adsorbents have proven to be a successful replacement for solvent extraction and crystallization applications as well as activated carbon when the target molecule is not a commodity. This webinar will present examples of the applications that have been adopted in resin in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemicals.

During this session, you will learn:

  • The basic understanding of when to use adsorbent.
  • How to successfully implement the use of adsorbent through proper regeneration and handling.What key characteristics the molecule needs to have where adsorption is most successful.
  • How chromatographic separation with adsorbent is used.
  • The pros and cons of using adsorbent over ion exchange.

Fred Ghanem, North America Business Manager at Purolite Life Sciences (LinkedIn Profile)
Greg Krueger, Sales Manager Agarose and LifeTech Products at Purolite Life Sciences (LinkedIn Profile


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