Purolite Educational Series On Demand

Ion Exchange Demineralization System Modeling

PRSM™, Purolite Resin System Modeling Software, is a free web application for ion exchange resin plant simulation that provides results instantly by considering hundreds of variables. This system helps to predict by calculating the effect of a site’s unique variables, compare side-by-side products and provide plant configuration performance evaluation with a cost analysis.
In this webinar, two Purolite technical experts will demonstrate how to use the PRSM water demineralization modeling calculator module.

During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Evaluate the proficiency of your system based on your site's unique variables.
  • Design a full-scale value-added system tailored to your specific application.
  • Compare resin options that produce in-depth economic payback information.
  • Optimize system performance and operating cost economics.


Chris Zdvorak, Midwest Region Technical Sales (LinkedIn Profile)
Howard Davis, Southwest Region Sales Manager (LinkedIn Profile)

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