Purolite products are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular industry segment, (for instance pharmaceutical, food and beverage, Semi conductor or Nuclear & Power) or they are designed to address general ion exchange, adsorbent and catalyst challenges common to the majority of industries. (Softening, demineralization, metals removal, low level contaminent removal or selectivity etc.).

Many industries have critical specifications or regulatory requirements on the use and performance of resins and Purolite is at the forefront of meeting or exceding these requirement. Strict quality control programs are in place to ensure products are made to customer requirement. This quality program stretches back to raw material requirements and manufacturing processes and forward to the performance of our products at our customers facility.

New products and technologies are continually being developed to meet customer needs. Purolite has the widest range of products of any supplier and all products are supported by the most highly experienced team of applications engineers and Research & Development Scientists in the industry.

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