Praesto HT columns are designed for efficient resin screening, as well as for optimization and verification. HT Columns from Purolite Life Sciences streamline your separations, and are available pre-packed with any Jetted Chromatography agarose resin.

Columns are available in 1 ml and 5 ml bed volumes with a 2.5 cm bed height. HT Columns are compatible with all commonly-used chromatography systems, due to universal 1/16" connectors. HT Columns are constructed of polypropylene, preventing interaction with biological molecules and ensuring biocompatibility.

Jetting technology is a new patented method that produces agarose beads with a very narrow particle size distribution.

Purolite is the first Agarose resin provider to produce process-scale volumes of a uniform particle size bead for the purification of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Praesto Q35 µm (anion exchange) provides high resolution polishing resins recombinant proteins and other biomolecules.


Principal Applications

  • MAb Purification
  • Protein purification


  • Enhanced pressure/flow properties
  • Uniform particle sizes
  • Increased dynamic binding capacities for high-productivity operations and easy scale-up
  • Higher resolution/selectivity for demanding separations, combined with high yields
  • Significantly more narrow particle size distribution
  • Jetted 35 µm particle size = 95% within 25-50 µm compared to a 35 µm batch emulsified = 95% within 25-100 µm (even after extensive sieving)

Regulatory Approvals

  • Manufactured under cGMP conditions

Typical Physical & Chemical Characteristics:

Matrix Cross-linked agarose
Functional Group CH2N+C+(CH3)3
Ionic Capacity, mmol/mL Resin 0.14-0.18
Average Particle Size (d50ᵥ), μm 35
Flow Velocity cm/h at 3 bar in a 2.6 x 20 cm Column (packed at 4 bar) > 150
Binding Capacity mg/mL Resin at 6’ Residence Time > 80 mg/ml BSA
Operating pH Stability (Short Term) pH 2-14
Operating pH Stability (Long-Term) pH 3-13
Working Temperature 4-30°C
Chemical stability All commonly used aqueous buffers, 1M NaOH, 8M urea, 6M guanidine hydrochloride, 30% isopropanol and 70% ethanol
Avoid Oxidizing agents, cationic detergents
Storage 20% ethanol, 4-30°C