On-Site Scientific Seminar - ‘Achieving Cost-Effective MAb Purification & Addressing Security of Supply With Dual-Sourcing’

For over 35 years, Purolite has developed resin technology to solve the most challenging problems our customers face. 

Our Agarose specialists are bringing this heritage and expertise directly to our customers, offering an on-site seminar which will discuss reducing clinical trial costs by up to 65%, using our chromatography platform of ion exchangers in combination with our selection of Protein A resins.  

We will share our latest data using a biosimilar feed material and compare performance and lifetime, assessing key quality attributes such as leached Protein A, residual DNA & HCP. 

Security of supply is a key concern within the biologics industry and we will discuss how dual-sourcing of Protein A chromatography resins addresses this requirement.

Our team will be conducting seminars throughout Asia, Europe and the USA during 2017.

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