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Strong Acid Cation Gel

Purolite manufactures the widest range of polystyrenic, strong acid cation gel exchange resins. These are used in softening and demineralization of water and in other special applications. The products offer high physical strength and efficient operation over a wide range of operating conditions.

These products are offered in many particle size distribution ranges.  Please see the chart below for the proper grading for your application.

Product Name Application Ionic Form
Purofine® PFC100 Demineralization / Softening - Uniform Beads  Na+ 
Purofine® PFC100E Softening - Uniform Particle Size - potable use  Na+ 
Purofine® PFC100EAg Silver Impregnated - Uniform beads - bacteriostatic properties  Na+/Ag+ 
Purofine® PFC100H Demineralization - Uniform Beads  H+ 
Purofine® PFC100x10 Demineralization - Fast Regeneration / Condensate Polishing  Na+ 
Purofine® PFC100x10H Demineralization - Fast regeneration / condensate polishing  H+ 
Purolite® C100 Softening and Demineralization  Na+ 
Purolite® C100C Demineralization  Na+ 
Purolite® C100DL Demineralization - Layered bed applications  Na+ 
Purolite® C100DLH Demineralization - Layered Bed Applications  H+ 
Purolite® C100E Softening - Domestic/Industrial/Food grade  Na+ 
Purolite® C100EAg Silver Impregnated Cation Resin - bacteriostatic properties  Na+/Ag+ 
Purolite® C100EDK Softening - Dark cation -potable use  Na+ 
Purolite® C100EFM Softening - Fine Mesh Grade - Potable Use  Na+ 
Purolite® C100EH Demineralization - potable use  H+ 
Purolite® C100ELT Softening - Light colored cation - potable use  Na+ 
Purolite® C100EMB Demineralization - Mixed bed grade - potable use  Na+ 
Purolite® C100H Demineralization  H+ 
Purolite® C100LT Softening and Dimeneralization - Light cation  Na+ 
Purolite® C100MB Demineralization - Mixed Bed Grade Cation  Na+ 
Purolite® C100MBH Demineralization - Mixed bed grade  H+ 
Purolite® C100S Demineralization of Sugar Solutions  Na+ 
Purolite® C100TL Demineralization - Mixed Bed Trilite Grade  Na+ 
Purolite® C100TLH Demineralization - Mixed Bed Trilite Grade  H+ 
Purolite® C100x10 Softening and Demineralization  Na+ 
Purolite® C100x10EMB Demineralization - Mixed bed grade - potable use  Na+ 
Purolite® C100x10H Demineralization and Softening - 10% crosslink  H+ 
Purolite® C100x10MBH Demineralization /Softening - Mixed Bed Grade 10% crosslink  H+ 
Purolite® C100x16MBH Demineralization - Mixed Beds  H+ 
Purolite® C120E Domestic Softening -potable use  Na+ 
Purolite® C124SH Sugar Inversion  H+ 
Purolite® OL100 Removal of Oil from condensate  Na+ 
Purolite® PPC100x10 Demineralization - Packed Bed Grading  Na+ 
Puropack® PPC100 Demineralization / Softening - Packed bed grade  Na+ 
Puropack® PPC100E Demineralization / Softening - Packed bed grade- potable use  Na+ 
Puropack® PPC100H Demineralization - Packed Bed Grading  H+ 
Puropack® PPC100x10H Demineralization - Packed Bed Grading  H+ 
SupergelTM SGC650 Demineralization / Condensate Polishing - Uniform Beads  Na+ 
SupergelTM SGC650H Demineralization / Condensate Polishing - Uniform beads  H+ 
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