Chelation Resins

Chelation Resins
The Purolite® range of chelating resins covers lead, copper, zinc, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, cobalt, magnesium, barium, strontium, iron and mercury.
The use of Purolite® chelation resins covers large industrial uses as well as the small cartridge based units used in spark erosion type services.

Product Name Application Ionic Form
PurogoldTM S992 Selective Gold Recovery in Cyanide Leaching Process  Free Base 
Purolite® S106 Removal of hexavalent chromium ions  Free Amine 
Purolite® S108 Removal of Boron from potable waters  Free Base 
Purolite® S910 Selective Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Waters and Hydrometallurgical Processes  Free Base 
Purolite® S914 Selective Removal of Mercury and Platinum Group Metals   
Purolite® S920Plus Selective Removal of Mercury and Platinum Group Metals - Non-regenerable  H+ 
Purolite® S924 Selective Removal of Mercury for Regenerable Systems  H+ 
Purolite® S930/4888 Heavy Metal Selective resin - RIP Process  Na+ 
Purolite® S930EPlus Heavy Metal Removal from Potable Water  Na+ 
Purolite® S930Plus Heavy Metals/Brine Decalcification/Copper and base metals  Na+ 
Purolite® S940 Decalcification of Saturated Brine Solution for Chloralkali Process  Na+ 
Purolite® S950 Selective Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Waters  Na+ 
Purolite® S957 For Removal of Iron from Acidic Solutions  H+ 
Purolite® S960 Copper, Nickel and Cobalt Separations  Free Base/Sulfate 
Purolite® S985 Selective Removal of Heavy Metals in Presence of Complexing Agents  Free Base 

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